20 Video Marketing Examples of Construction Management & Planning Software

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Website Builder Video & CloudConstruction is a complex business and if you are handling multiple projects at the same time it can be very tasking. Construction management and planning software can help collect data, take decisions, keep cost under control and more.

Construction industry uses all sort of cloud and software construction solutions, but which ones match best for your practice needs to be fine tuned. With so many kind of businesses and construction professionals what type of construction software will suit them best varies. We look at some of the Construction Software providers and how they are using videos to market themselves and reach to their target audiences.

This article highlights 20 Construction Management video examples that are on the spot. Watch these videos and get ideas for marketing your solution. Here we go:


Archdesk is an all-in one solution for the construction industry.. Archdesk will help you manage and scale your business with advanced access control, custom procedures and advanced in-sights. The Construction marketing video shows how Archdesk can eliminate the obstacles faced in the construction process.


e-Builder is a construction project management software that manages capital program cost, schedule, and documents through a world-class workflow and business intelligence. The construction management Video elegantly covers all the aspects of construction and how it can help increase productivity.


Procore Technologies is the world’s number one most widely used construction management software. The video seamlessly conveys how Procore software can increase project efficiency for contractors by streamlining and mobilizing project communication and accountability.


Fieldlens takes chatter from your field crew and turns it into actionable project Insights, instantly. It knows what each member of your team needs to do now and reminds them. The video shows how mobile makes construction management & planning easy for decision makers.


eSUB provides a comprehensive and easy to use mobile project management solution to the market, tailored specifically for contractors to increase standardization, accountability and productivity across the enterprise. The Construction marketing video addresses the problems faced by subcontractors and how eSUB can resolve them.


PASKR is an integrated & intuitive bidding to closeout cloud based construction management software. It allows you to update, record, document and photograph issues as they are discovered and is available for the team anywhere, at any time. The video connects with the idea of how a construction management software can benefit.


Construction Cloud is a cloud based construction management platform where your team can collaborate using multimedia to capture progress in the field, record issues, and communicate risk – all from the palm of their hand. The Construction marketing video shows how cloud solution can assist in better managing projects.


Priority1 is a cloud based construction management software used on live construction site to manage day-to-day project operations like punch lists, quality control, Auditing, compliance and also aid Health & safety. The construction management video demonstrate how Priority1 is tailor made to meet the specific needs of the construction industry.


Contractor’s Aid was built by contractors to address the issues they faced when trying to run a successful business and manage their crew. From saving time, to saving money, to helping fuel growth, Contractor’s Aid is the premier tool in a contractor’s tool belt. The overview video is sure to make you cackle while providing with all the required information as to how it really is a contractor”s Aid.


Small Builders is an Australia based building software for home builders and commercial contractors. It has been designed specifically for the needs of small and medium size businesses, aiming to simplify Security of payments, work health safety, fast quoting, contract administration, and customer and contractor management. The Construction marketing video is simple but hits all the right spots.

Making of a Video : View the Process of Making Google Allo's Video


Building Blok is a comprehensive suite of tools for the construction industry to help you manage better and grow faster. Regain control of your construction management tasks, anywhere, anytime, on practically any device. The narrative based construction tool video brilliantly conveys how software automates better project management.


BuildTools is a web-based construction management software, accessible from anywhere. BuildTools serves as a hub for anyone involved in the construction or remodeling of a home. The comprehensive video shows how Buildtools can make construction management easy and smart.


Projectmates Construction Program Management Software assists you in the management of a series of projects from the development of an idea through pre-design activities, selection of the architect, design, acquisition of construction, management of move-in, and post-construction activities. The Construction marketing video highlights the ways in which it can reduce difficulties for the construction industry.


SiteMax is a Construction planning software that provides solutions for forward thinking companies. The software helps achieve efficiency with accurate capture of data via centralized processes. The construction planning video overview shows how SiteMax can reduce hurdles by streamlining all the data to everyone at their fingertips.

Latista Overview Video

Latista is a secure, cloud-based field management solution from Textura that delivers market-leading field management solutions to help construction companies lower costs, reduce rework and eliminate delays. The Construction marketing video shows how Latista can give you complete quality control and field management.

CoConstruct Software Video

COConstruct is a construction management software solution that provides everything you need at one place. CoConstruct manages mission-critical workflows for quality management, safety and electronic commissioning and brings document management. The animated construction management promo video shows how CoConstruct software can make construction a rewarding experience.

Costruction Loan Manager Video

The Construction Loan Manager is an innovative, cloud-based loan management platform for construction and renovation lenders. The Construction Loan Manager is a scalable platform and provides necessary solutions for both pre-closing due diligence and post-closing loan administration. The Construction marketing video shows how Constrution Loan Manager can help you manage multiple construction and renovation loans across the globe.

ClickHome Software Solution Video

ClickHome is a software solution for the Building industry, from sales through to warranty. ClickHome helps you manage your procedures and checklists and automate your workflow reducing errors and delays, ensuring you stay focused on track. The video acts an overview of the features that makes Clickhome a great building management software.

Raken Intro Video

Raken is simple straightforward daily reporting software for the building industry. Raken helps you to work with machinery to automate process and track large fleets of workforce. The Construction marketing video highlights how it can help builders save time by providing better mobility and visibility.

SmartPM Overview Video

SmartPM is a groundbreaking data management tool for the construction industry that captures, stores and utilizes construction project data in order to automate several critical functions for Construction Project Managers. The construction data management tool video shows how smartPM can automate many critical functions.

A Construction Management & Planning Software can create the following videos :

  • Platform Overview Video
  • How To Videos
  • Product / Feature Videos
  • Getting Started / Intro Videos
  • Marketing / Teaser Videos
  • Youtube Promo Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos

With the above Construction Management & Planning Software video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand Construction Software & solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting in Construction Planning Videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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