20 Video Marketing Examples From RFID Solutions & Systems

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20 Video Marketing Examples From  & Systems

Today, we are living in an era where wireless communication plays a major role in offering individuals, corporations and industries means to meet their growing needs for exchanging information. RFID can be embedded within smart devices so they can identify and communicate with each other autonomously. What makes RFID even more attractive for clients is its ability to offer wireless identification techniques. With RFID machines can remotely identify other machines and humans without the need for any physical contact, making any task easier, faster and even more flexible.

Video marketing is increasingly being used by RFID solution providers to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article we look at 20 Video Marketing Examples From RFID Solutions & Systems that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own RFID platform & solution. Here we go :

Brady RFID Solution Video

Brady SmartID brings cutting edge capabilities in material science, electrical engineering, and RFID technology to their customers in the form of custom business solutions and products. Their solutions helps our customers find, update, and track the location of important assets within their organizations. The RFID solution video shows how Brady can help you increase efficiency, improve safety, manage throughput and provide visibility into the transience of critical items.

Takipsan RFID Solution Video

Takipsan offers UHF RFID CHIP placed pallets that provides a unique ID that helps you easily track can manage inventory. Their solutions can be used by warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other RFID based facilities. Their chips maintains a pallet identity as well as sends informations such as product information, storage condition, production and expiry dates. The RFID solution video details how their RFID CHIP pallets can reduce errors by enabling you to monitor all your products.

Unitech RFID Solution Video

Unitech offers a full-range of RFID solutions to simplify lengthy processes such as ordering, inventory management, delivery and stocking and reduce employee training time with the right tools. Their ultra-portable bluetooth companion scanners can send scans directly to your app or spreadsheet. They partner with a variety of software providers to create tailor-made solutions for businesses around the world. The RFID solution video illustrates the various RFID readers offered by Unitech and how it can help users manage data in ever more innovative ways.

Tragging RFID Solution Video

Tragging RFID solutions are cost-effective systems that ultimately help increase a company’s intelligence by significantly reducing its product’s wastes & theft. Thus, ensuring an accurate & fast inventory management. Their RFID tags come in different shapes and sizes making them compliant with different applications and products. The RFID solution video shows how Tragging can help you quickly and accurately track your assets.

Positek RFID Solution Video

Positek RFID offers a full line of RFID-related products including tags, readers, antennas, custom software solutions, freestanding portal readers, bundle readers and custom tunnel readers to fit any operation and work environment. Positek RFID creates and installs custom-designed laundry management solutions that enable companies to cut labor costs, reduce merchandise costs, eliminate shortages, accurately track, sort and inventory goods, and improve productivity, thereby increasing profitability. The RFID solution Video shows how Positek can help you work smarter, faster and more accurately with inventory tracking and process improvements.

2BH RFID Solution Video

2BH RFID solution helps in meeting the management and traceability needs for the transfusion process. The RFID label associated with each Blood Bag, allows the system to remotely optimize stock status, traceability and Blood Bag status in real time. Their solution provides automatic reading and writing of the data, which allows amendment or updating of the information, both remotely and in real time. The RFID solution video demonstrates how 2BH can make blood transfusion throughout the world more secure.

TIPWeb RFID Solution Video

TIPWeb offer RFID solutions for school districts that allows them to streamline audit process benefits of RFID while performing the day-to-day tracking of inventory to buildings, departments, rooms, staff and students in a single solution. Their RFID solution helps you scale your inventory audits by addressing the challenges that strain your current processes such as limited staff resources, increasing inventory purchases and an overwhelming number of building locations. The RFID solution video shows how school districts can take advantage of streamlined audit process benefits of RFID.

Rasasa RFID Solution Video

Rasasa is the fusion of a state of the art mechanical seal, and a groundbreaking Radio Frequency Identification technology. It contains a passive RFID tag that enables RFID readers to communicate with the seal from a configurable distance. The RFID tag is embedded and integrated with the seal to allow a quick read of whether it is open, closed or has been tampered with. The RFID tag can contain data identifying the cargo, the truck carrying it and other information to help increase efficiency and enhance security. The animated RFID solution video shows how Rassa can enhance the logistics operations of every customs and port authority.

Holland RFID Solution Video

Holland offers RFID based inspection management solution that enables each party in the asset lifecycle to interact with the information record. It allows you to leverage cloud computing, users manage equipment with a range of devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs. The information collected through RFID readers are available in real-time or offline via data sync. The animated RFID solutions video shows how Holland can help you maintain positive control of your assets throughout their lifecycle.

Terso RFID Video

Terso RFID Mobile Case is a RAIN solution that uses patented RFID technology to automate managing field inventory. When a field representative opens the RFID Mobile Case and removes a product, the transaction is recorded in real-time and data is transferred utilizing cellular communication. Sales can be instantly recorded for field representatives, or invoices automatically triggered for various consignment applications. The animated RFID solution video show how Terso RFID Mobile Case can solve many long-standing issues with managing medical field inventory.

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IFM RFID Solution Video

IFM provides RFID solutions that is optimised for applications in production control, asset management, material flow control, track & trace and optimize supply chain management. Their solutions based on RFID technology helps you to track and optimize material movements by allowing you to control automation of all processes. The RFID solution video details the various implications and benefits of RFID.

AuroraView’s RFID Solution Video

AuroraView’s RFID solutions for moving, storage & distribution industry. Their solutions provides Real-Time, accurate location of your packages, container, vaults. Their solutions allows you to track any trackable object for location as-well-as special-attributes, such as customer name, destination, order information, etc. The RFID solution video shows how their solutions can help you effectively manage the trackable items and ensure streamlined operations.

Minitank RFID Solution Video

Minitank provide streamlined RFID and NFC solutions to integrate into traditional event ticketing, marketing and data collection approaches. Their solution helps you build a seamless relationship between the event organizers and visitors, allows the organizers to gain unprecedented audience insight and full control in the event operational flow. The RFID solution video shows how Minitank can eliminate frauds and pilferages and boost the event revenue through their specialized services.

RR Donnelley RFID Solution Video

RR Donnelley’s RFID Solutions offer smart label technology that revolutionizes performance for the deep real-time insights into your business. Their range of custom RFID tag and label solutions helps you maximize the return on your RFID investment. Their solutions offer longer and more reliable RFID reads, thinner final products that are environmentally friendly, and can be incorporated with RFID technology without compromising the branded communications on your products. The RFID solution video shows how their solutions can help you increase ROI by incorporating the right inlay in the right label to provide optimal read, range and rate.

Recall RFID Solution Video

Recall offers the patented Data Protection Services (DPS) media asset management process powered by RFID. Their sophisticated process preserves customer’s existing media identification and eliminates the risk of mislabeling media by printing, labeling and providing a globally unique identifier (GUID) for each RFID tag in a single step. The RFID solution video shows how Recall can help you save time by automating scanning and accurately perform inventory audits.

MDL’s RFID Solution Video

MDL’s RFID solutions work with passive RFID tags which are typically affixed to the back of the rear view mirror for automated guest recognition, or reusable hat tags for service vehicle tracking. MDL records complete zone passage information for each vehicle including date / time, zone name, and travel direction. Their solutions can even track vehicle movement during dealership off hours for enhanced security. The animated RFID solution video shows how their solutions can help dealers increase customer retention and sales.

Fresh222 RFID System Video

Fresh222 RFID inventory is a system of automated process for stock accounting, asset and property accounting that can have an efficient insight of stock movement at any period of time. They attach RFID tag to an object and then to read data with the help of RFID reader. Their solution allows the operator to see immediately tagged objects, and to work with documents or search for a specific tag in the whole chain of conveyors. The RFID system video introduces their highly accurate and simple to use RFID solution.


ORIDAO introduces the CROSS RFID that aims to bridge the gap between industrial wireless protocols and passive UHF RFID. CROSS RFID combines the best of both worlds, the blazing-fast inventory and pairing time to a multitude of connected devices, ultra-low power consumption along with complete interoperability with the EPC UHF Gen2 standard. The RFID system video shows how their CROSS RFID solutions can address the growing industrial requirements for process visibility, smart and instant access to field data.


STOCKARE RFID Solutions is a technological company that offers RFID based solutions for the healthcare and industry sectors that provides smart asset tracking and inventory management. Their solutions provides real-time analytics, so you know what is going on every moment. The RFID system video details how STOCKARE can help you eliminate over and out stock, human errors by automating processors.

TagPark RFID System Video

TagPark is a RFID solution that suits all forms of parking systems for corporate parks, office buildings, residential communities and more. The secure RFID enabled system works along with other safety and security hardware to deliver efficient and intelligent parking management for vehicles. The RFID system video demonstrates how TagPark can help you efficiently manage parking.

A RFID solution provider can create the following videos :

  • RFID Overview Video
  • RFID Introduction Video
  • RFID Animated Explainer Video
  • RFID Marketing Video
  • RFID Promotional Video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • RFID Solution How To Videos

With the above RFID solution video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids, understand RFID solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting stuff in RFID video examples, if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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