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3D Animated VideoIncreasing network and connectivity complexity and the emergence of cloud storage and application adoption will drive the SMB tech support market to develop more robust solutions. SMB employees are also increasingly bringing their own devices into the workplace, and the introduction of this technology, particularly Android-based tablets and smartphones running a variety of apps, creates new challenges in network maintenance.

The need for IT & Tech support is immense, but if you are a IT support provider it’s really difficult to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Video marketing is increasingly being used by IT support solutions to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article we look at 20 Video Marketing examples from IT & Tech support solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own IT Support solution. Here we go :

TruAdvantage IT Support Video

TruAdvantage IT support offers fast response time, quality customer service and range of security and compliance solutions for small to medium businesses. Their IT support helps your business reduce cost, increase efficiency and grow by our enterprise-level IT management and unlimited support at a low, fixed monthly fee. The Tech support video shows how TruAdvantage can help you increase staff productivity by reducing problems related to IT support and maintenance.

UrbanNetwork IT Support Video

UrbanNetwork offers complete IT support through a portfolio of solutions enables your business to make better use of technological advantages. Their comprehensive framework of IT services best practice ensures our IT support engineers deliver a consistent, world-class service. They run bespoke series of checks on IT performance and stability and perform real-time fixes to problems. The IT support video details how UrbanNetwork IT support services can meet all your IT support requirements.

J-TEK IT Support Video

J-TEK offers business reliable and friendly IT support solutions to help you efficiently manage and enhance IT of your business. Their IT Support and solutions can help you improve your bottom line and reduce costs by implementing solutions custom tailored to your business. The managed IT support video shows how J-TEK’s IT support solutions allows for a more seamless and smooth experience with technological day-to-day business operations and functions.

Fujitsu Tech Support Video

Fujitsu offers end-to-end Tech support to all sectors, from transport, retail and manufacturing to financial services, education, healthcare and the public sector. They provide managed IT support that focuses on business outcomes, constantly exceeding customer expectations, improving the customer experience and increasing user satisfaction. They predict potential problems before they occur and prevent them to ensure maximum up time. The Tech support video details Fujitsu as a one-stop-solution for all your IT support needs.

Bomgar Remote IT Support Video

Bomgar Remote IT Support software lets you troubleshoot Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices with one secure solution. The let you monitor support activity in real time, track customer satisfaction, record all your remote desktop session and collect a detailed audit trail of each interaction. The online Tech support video acts as an overview of how features that make Bomgar a great remote IT support solution.

LANDESK IT Support Video

LANDESK Service Desk helps you optimize services, offers end users exceptional experiences, while supporting business agility to meet the IT support needs of the digital enterprise. It is available on-premise, on cloud or on both. Their IT support delivers ITIL-verified incident, request, problem, change, and knowledge management, as well as market- leading self service to further improve service delivery and IT support performance, as shown in the IT support video.

HTL Tech Support Video

HTL Support is an IT support and service providers that combines highly skilled engineers with efficient operating systems to deliver seamless IT support. They deliver tailored IT support solutions and managed IT support services across a broad range of technology sectors. They provide each client with an experienced and industry certified IT engineer who recommends and implements IT solutions. The Tech support video shows how their IT support packages are tailored to meet your business requirements and can easily be scaled as your business grows.

North London Tech Support Video

North London is a Tech Support company that helps to make your businesses IT efficient. They help in increasing your company’s productivity by ensuring your IT systems are fully operational around the clock and can deal with IT issues as they arise. Their IT support services include email services, server installation, data security & backups, anti-virus software to provide efficient IT management for your business. The maanged Tech support shows how North London IT support can help you identify IT threats and help you prevent the before they arise.

NetTec IT support Video

NetTec IT support offers a range of services that provide assistance to business manage their technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products and other electronic or mechanical goods. The managed Tech support video demonstrates how NetTec can help you ensure IT consistency and unmatched IT support services across you businesses premises.

OneByte IT Support Video

OneByte provides IT Support and Management Service for companies that need to confidently rely on dedicated IT people. Their help desk, server team and field engineers fix the IT problems and manage the system and their management team help you plan and design your IT roadmap. The aniamted IT support video shows how from board information to end-user problem resolution OneByte is the one-stop-shop for all your IT Support and Management.

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eNerd Tech support Video

eNerd is an IT support company that a one-stop shop outsourced IT experience covering desktop management, server management, network management & cloud management. They deliver industry leading IT support services to through their ITIL ready support framework. The managed IT support video shows how eNerd can deliver solutions for all your complex IT problems.

Help4IT Support Video

Help4IT support provides IT support that ensures your systems are online when you need them. They provide all the support services of a dedicated IT department to SMEs. Their IT support services include on-site support, global support, third party management and remote IT and administration. The managed Tech support video shows how Help4IT can develop and deliver a customised support plan to satisfy your unique situation, requirements and budget.

SYSAid Tech support video

SYSAid IT service desk Software offers all the essentials in one place that are needed to manage all your IT support. It helps you get the reports, dashboards, and KPIs you need to understand and communicate your IT performance and make better IT and business decisions in minutes.The IT support video highlights the key features of the software and how it can help with IT Support.

Baltimore Tech Support Video

Baltimore Computer Solutions offers reliable, cost-effective, stable and secure IT support solution. They monitor, manage and optimize the entire lifecycle of your company’s IT infrastructure in line with your business strategy. The Tech support video details how their cost effective IT support can help you solve all your technical issues.

Telx IT support Video

Telx IT support program helps you controls IT spending while delivering exceptional network monitoring and support. Their IT support solutions provide a full suite of IT cloud services, reduced risk and system downtime during data and system migration and Minimized impact to service levels during upgrades. The Tech support video overview highlights how Telx enables businesses and individuals to tackle environmental and social IT challenges.

Whitehats IT Support Video

Whitehats is an IT support company that provides services and solutions for maintenance and installation of IT based equipment and networking hardware. Whitehats has a wide range of IT support services to offer its clients based upon their demands. Their experienced IT engineers carry expertise in remote IT support to provide clients with real-time IT solutions. The Tech support video shows how Whitehats can relieve the burden of your IT department through their IT support services.

Ace Infotech IT Support Video

Ace Infotech’s IT support system enhances reliability and efficiency of your IT structure. With their IT support systems they can identify network threats and prevent any failure before they happen. They also help you manage your other technology vendors saving you time. The animated Tech support video shows how Ace Infotech can help you save time and IT expenses.

LIMOTTA IT Support Video

LIMOTTA IT provides IT support for schools provides teachers and faculty more efficient ways to handle administrative tasks while creating opportunities to increase student achievement. They manage the IT support needs across multiple buildings and users, often remotely, while working within decreasing education budgets. The aniamted Tech support video details how LIMOTTA can help schools increase teacher and staff productivity with their IT solutions.

MyComputerGuy IT Support Video

At myComputerGuy they make IT services simple. They help you purchase and install new computers, design and install wired and wireless networks and help you set up cable, protect your systems and deal with viruses, malware and other security threats. They help you with computer repairs, upgrades and maintenance as they are fast, efficient, reliable. The animated tech support video tells us how myComputerGuy will make IT simple for you by helping you with software and hardware installations, wired and wireless networks, computer repairs and maintenance, security threats and more.

eVantage Technology IT Support Video

eVantage Technology is a professional and trusted IT solutions company dedicated to providing exceptional service to businesses in Singapore and across Asia. They currently support the desktops, networks and technical infrastructure of over 2,000 end users and over 50 customers through their comprehensive IT Support Plan. The animated tech support video tells how their team of highly experienced support engineers take the headache of IT support from your hands.

A IT & Tech support company can create the following videos :

  • IT support overview video
  • IT support company brand video
  • 2D & 3D Animated Explainer Videos
  • Tech support services marketing video
  • Tech support solution promotional video
  • Youtube teaser videos
  • Business use case study videos
  • IT support solution how to videos

With the above IT support example video it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand IT & Tech support solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting in Tech support videos, if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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