20 Video Marketing Examples From Home Automation Systems & Solutions

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Home Automation System Market is worth to be 78.27 Billion USD by 2022. The growth of the home automation system market is attributed to factors such as significantly growing IoT market, cost reduction measures enabled by home automation systems, large number of manufacturers expanding their product portfolios, and increasing importance of home monitoring from remote locations. The home automation solution providers are continuously engaging and educating their target audience on the benefits of such solutions.

Video marketing is increasingly being used by home automation solutions to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article we look at 20 Video Marketing examples from home automation systems & solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own home automation solution. Here we go :

Zendo Home Automation Video

Zendo home automation and security solutions provides you with solutions to monitor,protect and automate your home.It seamlessly connects the key devices in your home on one platform to make them work together, and work smarter. Their solutions can be easily customized to your home’s unique configuration and your needs.With their network of local,Authorized Security Dealers, you can consult with local security experts to find the solution that’s right for you.The home automation video shows how Zendo can help you keep your home protected and comfortable.

Nest Home Automation Video

Nest home automation products can provide you information about which products are consuming most amount of energy, What went wrong in an emergency, Or how many minutes someone was lurking at your door. Nest uses the location of your phone as well as built-in sensors to automatically manage your products. The home automation video shows how Nest can help you better understand and manage your home.

Sage Home Automation Video

Sage is a fully integrated,self-monitoring security and home automation system designed to protect the home. Their entire security system is powered by the Sage Hub, tailored to work via television and mobile integration. Using an HDMI cord, it lets you connect the hub to the TV, your home Wi-Fi and automatically from a control center. This interface provides you with wireless access to all of the Sage devices at home, allowing you to control these devices from your television screen. The home automation system video demonstrates the features that makes it a great home automation and security solution.

Smartwave Home Automation Video

Smartwave is a family of simple and beautiful wireless technologies that work together to make life simpler and better. Smartwave keeps a check on all your appliances while you are away ensuring security and energy saving. It allows you to monitor and control all your appliance remotely from anywhere. The home automation video highlights how Smartwave can increase convenience and comfort of your home.

ANORA Home Automation Video

ANORA is a home automation system that enables you to have full control of all your devices from anywhere, through their app.It lets you make instant changes to lighting climate control, home entertainment center, full time home monitoring and home security.The home automation system video shows how ANORA can help you automate processes and make your everyday life more comfortable and safe.

UBIHOME Home Automation Video

UBIHOME home automation allows you to activate home electrical devices remotely from the palm of your hand with features allowing you to create scenes that run a series of pre-set actions, triggered either by detected events or upon command.It detects,records and reports unauthorized access to your home through door and window magnetic detectors, motion sensors and night vision cameras. The animated home automation video shows how UBIHOME can help you manage home automation and security from the palm of your hand.

Wink Smart Home Automation Video

Wink is a smart home solution that lets you control lights, power ,security and more through a mobile app. Their in-app Robots let you customize the way products talk to each other allowing you to control multiple devices in a single swipe. It provides you a data analysis on how much energy your devices are consuming allowing you to take measures for saving energy. The home automation solution video shows how their user friendly UI can help you control and manage your devices easily and efficiently.

Sen7 Home Automation Systems Video

Sen7 lets you automate your lightning, air conditioning, safety, security, curtains and audio video systems. Sen7 is not only a remote control but an intelligent home automation system that knows and understands your needs, moods, health, convenience and creates an ambience that you can enjoy while reducing the power consumptions in a green and environment friendly manner. The home automation system video shows how Sen7 can let you intelligently control all the devices of your home.

AT&T Digital Life Video

AT&T Digital Life helps you protect and manage your home virtually from anywhere. It lets you arm or disarm your security systems remotely, and view the status from your smartphone, tablet or computer. It provides you visual any-time video and still shots, or play back videos. It lets you see and manage your security system and devices from one intuitive dashboard. The AT&T Digital Life home automation video shows how easily you can manage home security through their automation solutions.

Home Depot Home Automation Video

Home Depot home automation devices let you transform virtually any house into a push-button smart home easily controlled using a tablet, computer or smartphone. It helps you save energy and by letting you switch appliance on and off remotely. Their smart thermostat is easy to install and allows you to set your desired temperature without the system running for longer than needed. The animated home automation video demonstrates the features that makes Home Depot a great home automation solution.

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ABB Home Automation Video

ABB home automation solutions lets you control lights, air conditioning, heating and other appliances via mobile devices and desktops. Their solutions can be easily installed and operated helping you simplify your life.The home automation system video demonstrates how ABB can help you seamlessly control all your equipments & devices.

Cubical Home Automation Video

Cubical Home Automation System lets you control all the electrical items in your home by one mobile device. This device takes control over almost all the devices such as lights, electrical outlets, heating and cooling systems,alarm systems,windows,locks,smoke detectors,surveillance cameras and various other appliances where they are connected to a remotely controllable network. The primary motive of their Home Automation System is to provide safety and security to the house and comfort its members. The animated home automation video shows how Supplified can help you efficiently manage your home appliances.

Samsung Smart Home Video

Samsung Smart Home is an easiest way to turn your home into a smart home. Their SmartThings Hub wirelessly connects hundreds of compatible smart devices including lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more, allowing them all to work together. It set lights, electronics and small appliances to turn on and off at different times of the day using motion sensors. The samsung smart home automation video shows how they can help you automate home processes and keep you updated with all the activities.

Lyric Home Automation Video

Lyric is a wireless connected platform designed to simplify home automation, comfort, security and awareness by controlling connected home products with a single app. Their powerful features like two-way sensors, over-the-air updates and remote diagnostics help you serve more helps you manage energy expense effectively. The 3D home automation video demonstrate how Lyric is a one-stop-solution for your home automation requirements.

MyHomely Home Automation Video

MyHomely energy management and home automation system enables all the electrical functions in a home such as lighting, air-conditioning, audio entertainment and video intercoms to communicate with each other and be controlled together from central points. It allows conventional devices, such as powerpoints, to share the same design aesthetic as automation control devices, to make all switch plates work in harmony. The animated home automation video shows how MyHomely can help you reduce energy wastage and expenditure.

Nexia Home Automation Video

Nexia home automation makes it easy to be in control of your home, even on the go. Their all-in-one app connects your smart devices through Z-Wave technology, Nexia streamlines the way you manage your day. It lets you integrate multiple products at once or expand your system gradually. The home automation video introduces Nexia’s easy to setup and a low maintenance comprehensive home automation system.

Control4 home automation Video

Control4 home automation system makes everything work seamlessly to create a more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable home. It allows you to, dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors and arm the security system with one touch Or, have your house respond to your schedule and needs without touching anything at all.The home automation system video details how Control4 delivers personalized smart home experience.

Aluratek Smart Home Automation Video

Aluratek’s WiFi Smart Home Automation gives you wireless control of your home appliances and electronic devices from your smartphone or tablet anywhere, anytime. Their WiFi Home Automation Switch plugs directly into any AC outlet in your home. Their setup is quick and easy and works with your existing WiFi network or mobile internet allowing you to control any device plugged into the switch anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection. The home automation video shows how Aluratek can let you control your switch plugs remotely.

TechAccess Home Automation Video

TechAccess Solution is a supplier of the latest wireless home automation technologies for home owners, organizations and installers. They provide automation solutions for lighting, security devices, appliances and more. With one touch, you can turn lights on, play music, open curtains, lock the doors and arm the security system. They provide customers with innovative, comprehensive, and tailor-made smart solutions for their homes. The animated home automation video shows how TechAcess Solutions can positively impact homes with their efficient and affordable technology.

Ehome Automation Video

Ehome Automation offers fully integrated control system that provides a multi-tier next generation of controlling, monitoring, reacting and real-time reporting enabling the building block for Smart Grid integration provide highly flexible hardware and software deployments for more future-proof technological demands. The Ehome Automation system video overview details the features offered by their fully integrated home automation solutions.

A home automation solution can create the following videos :

  • Home Automation Overview Video
  • Home Automation Brand Video
  • Home Automation Explainer Video
  • Home Automation Marketing Video
  • Home Autoamtion Promotional Video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • Home Automation How To Videos

With the above Home automation videos it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand Home automation systems & solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting in Home Automation videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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