20 Video Marketing Examples From Bike and Car Rental, Sharing & Marketplace

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How humans travel today has been evolving at a rapid speed. From a traditional mode to a more on demand travel from driving own vehicles to peer travelling. Companies offering bike and car rental services have seen huge demand, with consumers of different types and needs, the providers are focusing on branding and editing their audiences about how their offering is the best out there.

Video marketing is increasingly being used by bike & car rental providers to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article we look at 20 Video Marketing Examples From Bike and Car Rental, Sharing & Marketplace that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own bike or car rental solution. Here we go :

Zipcar Overview Video

Car-sharing with Zipcar offers you instant access to on-demand cars anytime, anywhere in Brussels. Zipcar is perfect for those small jaunts across the city, when hiring a car just isn’t practical. Find, pick up and drop off cars in the Zipcar zone in just a few taps. Zipcar lets you enjoy all the fun and convenience of owning a car, all for one easy-peasy, all-inclusive cost. Book it when you want, drive it when you want, then return it when you want. The car rental video shows how Zipcar is a convenient choice for short excursions.


Goldcar Key’n Go Car Rental Video

Key’n Go is a simple and user friendly system of quick collection for keys for car hire reservations, without the need for the previous step of visiting the counter. It offers a solution with the fastest way to start your holiday, so the clients do not have to wait when picking up the keys for their hired car. The animated car rental video shows the simplicity of the idea bundled with technology results in delivering an excellent service.


Amadeus Leisure Cars Video

Leisure Cars is a fully managed car rental booking service that offers pre-paid rates for travellers and up-front commissions for travel sellers. Amadeus Leisure Cars is a program that has been specifically designed for travel agents who want to offer content from local, regional and global car rental companies at competitive rates. The animated car rental video shows how you can choose from a wide range of vehicle to suits your travel needs.


Beecabs Car Rental Video

Beecabs is a Premium & Luxury class cab rentals service at affordable prices for those looking for security and comfort. They are one of the first in the Luxury cabs industry, to be equipped with multiple modes of reservations like online portal, mobile app, email and through a 24/7 support line. They also have multiple payment options most of which are through click of few buttons. The animated car rental video shows how they offer an easy to use cab hiring service.


Ofo Bicycle Sharing Video

Ofo is a non-docking bike-sharing and rental service accessible via online mobile app. Ofo collaborates with outstanding brands and manufacturers to introduce product lines that satisfy the diverse needs of its users and deliver an optimal urban transport service. It allows users to share their own bikes and be part of the its grand bike-sharing plan. The bike sharing services video portrays how simple and easy it is to access and ride bicycles with Ofo.


Travelauto Car Marketplace Video

Travelauto is an online global car rental marketplace that allows you to book cheap car rentals Worldwide. Making a car rental comparison between major service providers, prices, and various other rental car options is much simpler. Special rental cars deals and discount offers are available seasonally in major locations to avail budget and Economy rent a car of your choice. The car rental video shows easily you can compare and book a car of your choice.


COUDICAR Car Rental Video

Coudicar provides a small business car rental program that allows you to enroll without guaranteeing us any business volume. Every year they evaluate your rental volume and you automatically get a better discount if you fall into a higher volume rank. They shop the market everyday to bring competitive rates to all our customers. The car rental video details the features offered by COUDICAR that makes it a great car rental service.


WhizzCar Car Sharing Video

WhizzCar is a car sharing program that offers individuals and businesses the freedom of using a car anytime without the worries and high costs that come with ownership. WhizzCar aims to complement the public transport system by offering hassle-free mobility services for every urban resident. The car sharing video talks about how car-sharing helps fulfill social responsibility to reduce pollution and congestion and how WhizzCar contributes to a better environment.


Ola Car Rental Video

Ola, India’s most popular mobile app for transportation, integrates city transportation for customers and driver partners onto a mobile technology platform. As one of India’s fastest growing companies we ensure convenient, transparent and quick service fulfilment using technology to make transportation hassle free for everyone. The car rental video explains how Ola is making it easy for employees to manage their travelling.


CarAmigo Car Sharing Video

CarAmigo is a peer-to-peer car rental marketplace, and connects car owners with people who need a car. With CarAmigo, a car owner can recover part of his car expenses by sharing his car with others, in all confidence as CarAmigo screens all drivers and foresees a full casco insurance. The car sharing video shows how CarAmigo lets a driver in need of a car chose the car he likes, where and when he wants to.


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Alphacity Corporate Car Sharing Video

AlphaCity is a flexible Corporate Car Sharing solution that offers a cost-efficient and smart way to get from one location to another. AlphaCity solution starts with an in-depth analysis of your company’s mobility needs and results in a comprehensive, customised solution. Businesses benefit from it’s own fully managed CarSharing scheme, accessed and booked online, directly by employees. Moving forward, businesses can also analyse and optimise fleet performance on an ongoing basis with individual Alphabet reports. The car sharing video displays how AlphaCity is a smart way to engage employees and introduces cost efficiency to your fleet.


OpenFleet Car Sharing Video

OpenFleet is a cloud solution designed to operate your motor pool in a smarter and more efficient way through car sharing technology. With OpenFleet discover a technology and service package designed to facilitate both carsharing and your daily fleet management. The car sharing video shows how OpenFleet offers solutions to make vehicles smarter, more efficient and more profitable.


Sixt Rent Car Rental Video

Sixt Rent a Car stands for exciting mobility and tailored solutions. High-quality customer service, premium products and seamless rental experience. Through attractive vehicle leasing for all customer segments and many additional services, they address a large public spectrum. As a leading car rental company and financing partner, they are also leading on the second-hand car market. The car rental video helps to understand how Sixt provides easy mobility solutions.


TripThruBid Car Rental Marketplace Video

TripThruBid is an online platform in the field of logistics & transportation for hiring vehicles through bidding. Using this platform, customers can raise a booking request from anywhere. The transporters or drivers then provide their quotes through bidding for the respective booking request. The bidding option assures the customers of getting multiple quotes. The customer can view these quotes on the mobile application & website, from where they can select the best quote for their trip request. The platform also lets you track your vehicle in real time, as highlighted in the car rental marketplace video.


RentalHound Car Rental Marketplace Video

Rentalhound car rental services offer latest car models and car types such as Minivans, People Carrier delivered by top class companies who are experienced on time services with fully inclusive rates and fully comprehensive insurance with no excess fees. The car rental marketplace video portrays RentalHound can help you easily rent cars globally.


Zagster Bike Rental Video

Zagster is a bike rental and sharing platform that designs, builds and operates bike sharing programs for cities, universities, corporate campuses, hotels, and residential communities. The company provides its customers with bike sharing infrastructure and technology as well as design, implementation and operation services. Zagster employs local maintenance staff to service and operate its bike sharing systems including performing repairs and system rebalancing. The animated bike rental video demonstrates how easily you can start riding with Zagster.


Ubeeqo Car Sharing Video

Ubeeqo offers a range of corporate car sharing solutions for both businesses and local authorities that helps you simplify and rationalise daily mobility of employees. It provides you a tailor-made car sharing solution to help you manage and utilise rate of pool cars, grey fleet, TCO, availability of parking spaces, driver care. The animated car sharing video shows how Ubeeqo can help you optimise the daily management of pool cars and mutualise the use of vehicles to maximise efficiency.


Tbilisi Car Rental Video

Tbilisi Auto Rent is a car rental service in Georgia that uses new ideas and innovations to enhance their rent a car service and increase customer satisfaction. Tbilisi Auto Rent team believes in entrepreneurial spirit that makes world better place. Watch this car rental video to get an idea about travelling freely in an unknown city.


Pudo Car Rental Video

Pudo is an airport transfer & car rental company which provides its clients with luxury, affordable and efficient private car rental & airport pick up & drop off services. They provide a user friendly online reservation system where travellers can Book & Pay for their private cab services, airport transfers, car rentals & inter-state trips. The car rental video demonstrates how selecting from a large range of vehicles to match each customer’s request is facilitated easily.


James Blond Car Rental Video

James Blond is an independent car rental service that offer great value for money by offering various vehicles to choose from at a reasonable rate for a short or long period. James Blond also specialises in airport pickup and drop off, and is easy to book online or call internationally any time of the day.The car rental video displays how James Blond limited makes the car rental experience comfortable and easy.


A Bike & car rental solution company can create the following videos :

  • Bike & Car Rental Overview Video
  • Bike & Car Rental Brand Video
  • Bike & Car Rental Animated Explainer Video
  • Bike & Car Rental Marketing Video
  • Bike & Car Rental Promotional Video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business Use case Study Videos
  • Bike & Car Rental How To Videos

With the above bike & car rental video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand bike & car rental solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting bike & car rental videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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