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Energy Management SystemThe mobile payment segment has exploded in recent years, with mobile Payments Market increasing by Mode of Transaction (SMS, WAP and NFC), also seeing a great increase in types of Mobile Payment (Mobile Wallets/Bank Cards and Mobile Money). Mobile payments market is estimated to reach $3,388 billion by 2022.

Increased penetration of smartphones, growth in m-commerce industry, change in lifestyle, and the need for quick and hassle-free transactions are the major factors that drive the market growth Video marketing is increasingly being used by mobile payment solutions to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article In this article we look at 20 Video Marketing examples from Mobile Wallets & Payment Solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own payment solution. Here we go :

Western Union Mobile Payments Solution Video

Western Union mobile payment solutions provides you with highly configurable channels in the industry, helping you take control of your customers’ experience and make online payments easier, safer and faster for them. Their mobile payment solution enables customers to pay from any location and from a device. The mobile payment solution video highlights how you can partner with Western Union Bill Payments to build and execute your mobile payment strategy.

Google Wallet Video

Google Wallet is a fast and free way to send money are make payments digitally through Gmail, or on the web. It lets you send money to anyone by just using their email address or phone number even if they don’t have google wallet. Google Wallet can also be used for commercial transactions, like collecting rent or accepting payments for services. The google mobile wallet video highlights the changing payment methods and how their mobile payment solutions can help you get accustomed to it.

Trriple Mobile Wallet Video

Trriple is a digital payment solution that enables the merchant to charge and accept payments from the consumer using NFC, QR code or Id number. It provides a safe and convenient mobile wallet for all your payments, from everyday payments for consumers to faster and easier settlements for merchants. The mobile payment solution video demonstrates how to easily pay bills, send and receive payments through Trriple.

Eazy Coin Mobile Payment Solution Video

Eazy Coin is a way to make and receive payments and interact with vending and other machines using your smartphone. It also lets you transfer money to other Eazy Coin users. It helps vendors to keep track of their activity with Sales and Inventory Reports while greatly improving customer experience. The animated mobile payment solution video highlights the increasing demand for digital payments solutions and how Eazy Coin can help you keep up with the changing payment trends.

Zebpay Bitcoin Mobile Wallet Video

Zebpay is a simple and easy-to-use mobile wallet for buying and selling bitcoins. It also allows users can to send and receive bitcoins by using their mobile number registered with Zebpay bitcoin mobile wallet. Their mobile wallet also lets you pay bills such as DTH and mobile and datacard recharges. The Bitcoin mobile wallet video introduces an innovative way of making payments and trading using a decentralized digital currency.

Freecharge Mobile Wallet Video

Freecharges mobile wallet payment solution lets you make all your prepaid, postpaid, DTH and electricity bill payments through online transactions. Their Mobile Wallet reduces the extensive process of online payments and offline payments to just one tap. It also provides great deals at various popular merchants and brands that you can avail while making payments using their e-wallet. The animated mobile payment solution video detail how you can experience seamless payment transactions and avail exciting rewards.

PayZapp Mobile Payment solution Video

PayZapp by HDFC bank is a complete payment solution that gives you the power to pay in just a Click. With PayZapp, you can shop on your mobile at partner apps, buy movie tickets, music and groceries, compare and book flight tickets and hotels, shop online and get great discounts at SmartBuy, send money to anyone in your contact list, pay bills and recharge your mobile, DTH and datacard. The mobile payment solution video highlights all the aspects that makes PayZapp a convenient and secure way for mobile payment.

PayPal Mobile Payment Solutions Video

PayPal’s mobile payment solutions supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like cheques and money orders. It lets you easily transfer money and make or receive payments across the globe. The mobile payment solutions video shows how Paypal helps you accept various payment options easily and securely from your international customers.

E Wallet Mobile Payment Solutions Video

E Wallet provides a hassle free way of making online payments. It lets you pay your bills at any time and from anywhere. You can save all your billing dates and accounts at one place and add money to your e-wallet account through your online banking account safely. The paid receipts are uploaded against the payment initiation and easy summary of account. The payment solution video highlights the features that make E Wallet a great mobile payment solution.

YPAYCASH Mobile Wallet Video

YPAYCASH is an innovative mobile wallet payment system that enables customers to make payments using mobile phones. It is an end to end mobile-to-mobile payment solution that lets you recharge your mobile, Pay Bills, Pay your friends, buy online and more. The mobile wallet video demonstrates YPAYCASH’s innovative way of making cashless and cardless payments.

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mPoint Mobile Payments Video

mPoint is a mobile payment solution that gives you the power to pay with your bank debit card, credit card, loyalty points through your mobile devices. It lets you shop at any store you like and make instant cashless payments with a simple scan of your phone. The mobile payment video details how mPoint can help you save money by letting you redeem your bank loyalty points.

S2Pay Mobile Wallet Video

S2Pay is a mobile wallet application for making payment to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It allows you to load credit card, debit card and other funding sources to their mobile wallet. It also provides you access to fabulous exciting offers which you can activate and redeem when making payments. The mobile wallet video shows how easy making payments can be with S2Pay.

M CLIP Mobile Wallet Video

M CLIP by Bank Of Baroda is a complete mobile payment solution that giving you the power to pay using your mobile devices. It lets you add money with any bank Debit or Credit Card and enjoy payments on partner merchants. The mobile wallet video shows how you can use M CLIP for all your payment needs.

Axis Pay Mobile Wallet Video

Axis Pay is an Unified Payment Interface based mobile wallet by Axis Bank lets you manage all your bank accounts, and transfer funds to any bank account, all by using only one payment ID. All Axis Bank Customers and non-customers can use the Axis Pay UPI App to send, receive or make payments to anyone without knowing their bank details. The mobile wallet video shows how you can transfer money instantly with Axis Pay.

PayConnect Mobile payment Video

PayConnect is a secured mobile payment system that transform your mobile phone into a mobile wallet eliminating the need for carrying traditional methods of payments. It also lets you manage your account transaction details and manage and create budgets. The mobile payment video demonstrates the functioning of their mobile wallet.

SIB Mirror Mobile Payment Solutions Video

SIB Mirror mobile payment solution offers quick fund transfer, DTH and Mobile recharge, and other features which can meet all your payments and banking requirements. Their solution increases your mobile payment convenience and remain up to date without compromising on the security aspects. The mobile payment solution video details the features offered by SIB Mirror and how they can assist you in your day-to-day payment transactions.

BBVA Wallet Video

BBVA Wallet gives cardholders easy access to manage spending and card account information and the ability to redeem rewards in real-time. It provides a convenient way to manage your BBVA Compass Credit and Debit Cards. Their mobile wallet is tailored to you, displaying your BBVA Compass cards in an easy to use format for all its capabilities. The mobile wallet video familiarises you with their e-wallet’s features and how you can easily manage your BBVA account.

Simba Mobile Wallet Video

Simba mobile wallet lets you send and receive money and pay bills by integrating Simba with your bank account. Their wallet also offers banking services such as viewing and transferring money to accounts, requesting a cheque book, view your transactions. The mobile wallet video demonstrated how Simba is an one stop solution for all your mobile payment needs.

MOM Wallet Video

The MOM wallet application is designed to give the power of easy and instant mobile payments at a user’s fingertips. Their mobile wallet lets you make payments send and receive money by simply scanning a QR code without having to share your sensitive details. The mobile wallet video introduces their wallet as a secure solutions for making digital payments.

MTC Money Mobile Wallet Video

MTC Money is a mobile payment solution that allows you to use your cellphone to transfer, withdraw, deposit money, buy airtime and electricity, pay accounts and make Point of Sale (POS) payments at any MTC MobileHome, MobiPay agents and merchants. The mobile wallet video highlights the mobile payment features offered by MTC Money.

A Mobile wallet & payment solution can create the following videos :

  • Payment solution overview video
  • Payment solution brand video
  • 2D & 3D Animated Explainer Video
  • Mobile payment marketing video
  • Payment solution promotional video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business use case study videos
  • Payment solution how to videos

With the above Mobile wallet example video it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand Mobile wallet & payment solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting in Mobile payment videos, if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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