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3D Animated VideoThe global digital asset management market is expected to reach USD 5.60 billion by 2025, The advantages of digital asset management solutions over conventional alternatives are expected to offer growth opportunities over the coming years. This includes migration from traditional marketing to real-time consumer-driven digital marketing strategies. Several organizations are adopting these solutions as they provide affordable solutions to share, manage, store, and retrieve data.

With software and solutions available for asset management review, implementation and more, accomplishing & measuring the impact is now possible.

There are many asset management programs and software available to choose from. Asset management software & solution providers are evolving their marketing by using videos to communicate value and educate new customers. Video marketing is increasingly being used by asset management software to market their solutions.

In this article we look at 20 Video Marketing examples from asset management software and solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own asset management solution. Here we go :

Assyst ITAM Video

Assyst IT Asset Management Suite lets you manage the full lifecycle of assets, services and support events in one integrated application. Through information sharing between ITAM and ITSM processes, Assyst helps you realize optimized cost and performance benefits in both of these key IT areas. The IT asset management video highlights the main features of Assyst’s services in the field of IT Asset Management.

CumulusDigital Asset Management Solutions Video

Cumulus is an enterprise digital asset management (DAM) solution. It is incredibly open, yet sophisticated, secure, and gives access to your digital assets from any location, on any device. Cumulus uses intricate metadata information for you to store, search, sort, track changes and enables you to publish your brand assets on multiple platforms and channels. The enterprise asset management video shows how Cumulus solutions makes asset management easy and hassle free.

Pics.iO Digital Asset Management System Video

Pics.io is a cloud digital asset management system that allows people to manage media assets in the cloud and businesses to use Google Drive as their Digital Asset Management and Version Control system. The digital asset management from Pics.io allows you to organize access to your digital files in simple and efficient way. Their DAM is hosted in the cloud, therefore collections are accessible at all times anywhere via the Internet. The cloud asset management video highlights how Pics.io’s platform manages media assets in the most convenient manner.

LANDESK IT Asset Management Video

LANDESK IT asset management integrates software compliance, license entitlement, software and hardware discovery, asset lifecycle management, and financial management into one single solution. The solution provides detailed insights of the assets you have and how they’re performing for better decisions at any stage of asset lifecycle. The IT asset management video highlights how you can reduce software overspend and eliminate unnecessary and redundant licenses with LANDESK.

PRAGMA Physical Asset Management Video

PRAGMA’S products and services are tailor made for physical asset management and include the On Key Enterprise Asset Management system, various business processes, consulting and an outsourced service called the Asset Care Service. Before engaging with a client, a thorough evaluation of the current status of a client is determined by means of an Asset Management Improvement Planning (AMIP) assessment. This enterprise asset management video demonstrates how PRAGMA can help in compiling asset management strategies and policies with its associated asset management plans.

MediaGuru Media Asset Management Services Video

MediaGuru provides media asset management services to broadcasters and content owners enabling them to access, share and distribute their media assets within and outside the organization. They deploy cutting-edge technology that integrates seamlessly into an existing workflow, manages and maintains the day-to-day metadata, and stores them such that they can be retrieved, accessed and shared with great ease. The media asset management video highlights how MediaGuru helps in creating quality content for your audience.

CELUM Digital Asset Management Software Video

Celum is a trusted Digital Asset Management Software that offers flexible solutions to adjust to your company’s exact needs. CELUM has been built to be the central hub for content. It can take on the roles of your ERP, CRM, PIM or web content management system, and allows direct content orchestration to many channels.The digital asset management video shows how CELUM’s software can help in enhancing the value of content.

Diaspark Energy Asset Management Video

Diaspark Energy is an asset management software platform that addresses Asset Management and Operations & Maintenance. Diaspark Energy enables Asset Managers to manage PV plant assets and also compare different systems to phase out the deviations between expected and actual performance and optimize the functioning across numerous plant locations. The asset management software video shows how Diaspark Energy serves asset managers in the most beneficial ways.

Schneider Electric Asset Management Video

Schneider Electric’s comprehensive Asset Management LifeCycle Field Services provides you with experts who design a proper maintenance plan for you. Comprehensive asset management solutions offered by Schneider Electric enable industrial organizations to get one step closer to asset performance excellence. The asset management services video highlights the advantages of integrating Schneider Electric to your business.

Tracet Fixed Asset Management Software Video

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Tracet is an end-to-end asset lifecycle management solution with complete asset reporting capabilities for your valuable plant, property and equipment. Tracet supports extensive asset management, including maintenance schedules and insurance, while providing tight accounting integration so that the fixed asset information of the users is always presented accurately on the financial statements. The asset management video highlights how Tracet’s software makes fixed asset management comprehensive, yet simpler.

Real Asset Management Video

Real Asset Management (RAM) provides fixed asset accounting, maintenance management and asset tracking solutions for commercial, government, education, military, and healthcare organizations. They ensure compliance with US GAAP, SOX, Bill 198, GASB 34, IFRS and other corporate and government regulations. RAM’s Series4000 solution, integrates virtually every aspect of fixed asset management with comprehensive modules. The asset management software video highlights the features offered by Real Asset Management.

Thales Asset Management Video

The Thales innovative Asset Management Services provides comprehensive material management services including on-site inventory, repair management and return to inventory to the avionics industry. With Asset Management Services, Thales guarantees on-site availability of Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) through advanced standard exchanges to support smooth aircraft operations. The asset management video shows how Thales can be fully tailored to meet an enterprise’s operational needs and priorities.

KnoxMediaHub Digital Asset Management Video

KnoxMediaHub cloud digital asset management services empowers content owners and TV & Video exhibitors to do better business. KnoxMediaHub promote more sales, lower costs, better quality of service and the leanest and fastest delivery and supply chains with any format, worldwide. The intro video displays how KnoxMediaHub is a reliable cloud asset management platform.

Brillio Smart Asset Management Video

Brillio’s Smart Asset Management helps to optimize CAPEX budgets by identifying the assets that need to be replaced, repaired, or refurbished. Brillio’s SAM (Smart Asset Management) helps predict the failure of critical assets through real time health monitoring. It leverages the unique methodology combined with ambient sensor data and prescribes the Repair/Replace vs Refurbish decisions. The asset management video shows how Brillio maintains asset health and keeps track of inventory.

InfoFort Fixed Asset Management Video

InfoFort’s fixed asset management service provides a systematic process for maintaining, upgrading, and managing your physical assets. This service enables you to conduct comprehensive and cost effective physical audits. InfoFort enables you to reduce dependency on individuals and ensures full control over your fixed assets through periodic audits and asset data mapping. The fixed asset management video demonstrates how InfoFort offers visibility and tracking of your assets.

California Asset Management Video

California Asset Management provides support to employers and associations offering a retirement benefit to their participants. Their years of experience and commitment to helping employers manage their retirement plan keeps them up to date on new regulations, case law and lesser known options available to plan sponsors. The asset management solution video details how California is a one stop solution for low functioning problems.

On Key Enterprise Asset Management Video

On Key is a Enterprise Asset Management system designed by asset engineers, for asset engineers. It takes care of every aspect of physical asset management and interfaces with reputable ERP systems for ease of workflow between departments. It enables users to work online or offline in any language, currency and time zone, and it’s mobile capabilities accommodate the completion and feedback on work performed at point of work, contributing to real time and accurate reporting. The enterprise asset management video demonstrates how On Key can be used across industry by both small and large asset intensive companies.

Infor Enterprise Asset Management Video

Infor Enterprise Asset Management solution for Transportation enables companies to manage their fleets more successfully. This feature rich asset and maintenance software enables companies to more easily process warranty claims, manage tyres and fuels and improve vehicle performance through preventive maintenance. The Enterprise Asset Management video shows how using Infor for reduces overall costs and increase efficiency of the fleet.

Black & Veatch Asset Management Solution Video

Black & Veatch works with utility leaders to stretch their resources further, manage challenges proactively and prolong the life of their assets through the implementation of best practice asset management. Their programs are proven to optimize capital and operating costs, manage risk and enhance customer service levels, and plan infrastructure investments in a structured and defensible manner. Their approach helps clients attain sustainable, minimum-risk asset operation and customer service through best practice asset planning, delivery and management. The asset management solution video talks about practice asset management, and ensures sustainable utility services.

Resonance Financial Asset Management Video

Resonance Financial is an asset management services company that offers provides goal-based financial planning and asset management services to institutional investors. The company endeavours to achieve attractive returns while managing risk and taxes, be well-diversified with a careful mix of asset classes and disciplined rebalancing, and utilize both historical and forward-looking return and risk expectations. The asset management video addresses the increasing difficulties of financial asset management and how can help you mitigate them.

An asset management software & solutions can create the following videos :

  • Platform Overview Video
  • Product / Feature Videos
  • 2D & 3D Animated Explainer Videos
  • Getting Started / Intro Videos
  • Sales & Marketing Videos
  • Youtube Promo / Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • How To Videos

With the above asset management software & solution video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand asset management platforms, systems and tools are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting in asset management videos, if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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