"> 20 Video Examples From Factory Management Software, Systems & Solutions

20 Video Examples From Factory Management Software, Systems & Solutions

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Production plants and factories consist of a large number of machines and units on which the desired product is manufactured in different process and production steps. Previously, not enough tools and solutions were available to monitor and manage your factory in real time. This may not be a problem for a very small shop, but as your business grows, it becomes more and more difficult to have accurate information about your shop operation. Fortunes have changed, factory owners now have the luxury of an array of solutions that aid in effective factory management.

In this article we look at 20 Video Examples From Factory Management Software, Systems & Solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own factory management solution. Here we go :

Solumina Factory Management Video

Solumina is an Operations Process Management software suite that manages work and quality processes for the manufacturing and MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) of highly engineered products. Solumina functional modules include Process Planning (CAPP), shop Floor Execution (MES, MRO), and Quality Assurance (QA, CAPA) in one integrated system. Solumina is uniquely designed to manage the product lifecycle, beginning with product and process specifications, continuing with the manufacture of component parts, the assembly of product, and the aftermarket service of each product unit until retirement. The factory management software video explains how Solumina, instead of slowing down the response time on shop floor, allows manufacturers to innovate faster.


Ultriva Lean Factory Management Video

Ultriva’s Lean Factory Management provides your manufacturing operation will all the tools necessary to achieve your lean production objectives. With Lean Factory Management you can sequence production based on demand, replace your manual kanban system with eKanban and increase your plant performance with our Overall Equipment Effectiveness module. Ultriva’s Supply Chain Management and Execution software includes robust visibility, collaboration and eKanban functionality. The factory management system video shows how Ultriva shortens order-to-ship time from weeks to days.


UlalaLAB Factory Management Video

WimFactory is a smart, IoT based factory platform for small and medium sized businesses from UlalaLAB. It uses smart sensors called ‘WICON’ that enables WimFactory to apply to production facilities under any environment with an easy and efficient application. Then WICON measures data in real-time and sends them to the cloud server for big data analysis. Based on measured data, WimFactory sends notifications to factory administrators and helps them to react for malfunction and errors on facilities. The factory management solution video demonstrates how WimFactory helps to save budget from losing by malfunction or problems.


Ceyenne Factory Management Solution Video

Ceyenne WMMS enables the clients to get a more proactive and better knowledge into their distribution center stocks and makes data accessible to act in view of KPI’s. This Warehouse Management System proactively and ideally deals with the procedures in the stockroom and the distribution center staff. The factory management solution video indicates how Ceyenne upgrades the way organizations customarily monitor the stockroom points of interest.


HoneyWell Symphonite Factory Management Video

Honeywell’s Symphonite portfolio of software and services provides an end-to-end solution for supply chain and production management (SCPM) processes. From corporate level commercial optimization to post-execution reconciliation and analysis, it offers comprehensive, scalable answers to industrial user’s challenges. Built on deep domain knowledge, these tools help users make better business decisions and drive continuous improvement, thereby helping them achieve supply chain and production management excellence. The factory management video gives an overview of Symphonite and it’s features.


InFrame Synapse Factory Management Video

Through the use of powerful Manufacturing Execution Systems, manufacturing processes of high volume productions can be analyzed, controlled, and managed in detail. Even in small-sized manufacturing, machine and process data are collected, e.g. utilization, error messages, deadlock and maintenance times. With InFrame Synapse MES mini, camLine presents a lean, cost-effective, and easy to install solution. This allows SMEs the transparent and process-oriented view onto their production. The factory management system video gives an overview of how Synapse MES mini works efficiently for small and medium sized enterprizes.


StokBar Panorama Factory Management Video

StokBar Panaroma is an industry-leading warehouse and production management solution. It speeds the flow of goods and information to enable flawless execution. It provides advanced warehouse management functionality for transactions, shipping, receiving, putting away and factory management software video demonstrates an ideal model of efficient factory warehouse and production management.


Agriware Factory Management Video

Agriware, a horticulture solution fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This solution helps with the complete cycle of a grower’s business and connects four critical corners – time, space, labor and materials. Their scalable, agile and customized solution is built around the demands of the grower lifecycle. Agriware gives you an end-to-end view and brings together the four critical corners of successful operation. The factory management video demonstrates how with Agriware’s precise calculations you’ll confidently be able to answer when certain materials need to be available.


Mazikax Shopfloor Factory Management Video

Developed on the Windows 8 platform, Shop Floor Control is a companion app for Microsoft Dynamics AX (Production Control module) that provides you with an in-depth view of the production jobs that need your attention today, right on the floor. The user-friendly design of the app allows for fast and efficient actions on the production tasks such as starting and stopping jobs, reporting feedback when finished, and recording breaks. The colorful GUI and intuitive interaction controls increase readability and make it easy to use while you’re on the floor or on the move. The factory management video shows how you can reduce shopfloor errors and increase production.


Curotec 3PL Factory Management Video

Curotec’s Order Manager is a complete 3PL solution that consists of several modules including order management, inventory and reporting, company/user management, product management, shipping integration, and a front facing ordering system for end users to place direct orders. They provide customized features like:Custom reporting, Ecommerce integration, Shipping API integration, Integration to other systems, Barcode integration, Shipping, Receiving, Picking and putaway, Stock and inventory, etc., among others. The factory management video explains some of the duties and responsibilities that a Custom Warehouse Management system like Order Manager is helping to streamline.


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Dynamic 3PL Management Video

Dynamic 3PL offers a one-stop solution for all your logistics and packaging needs. Their expert Supply Chain Management team will streamline your packaging, warehousing and transportation challenges into one organized, efficient, compliant, value producing machine. So whether you are seeking a Lead Logistics Provider, a warehouse based 3pl, a transportation service provider or a contract packager, our unique and wide range of logistics and packaging service offerings allows our customers to focus on their own core competencies, while benefiting from cost-effective and value-added Dynamic 3PL solutions designed to meet your more complex logistics needs. The factory management system video gives a brief demo of the 3PL software along with it’s features.


Simplr Factory Management Solution Video

Simplr’s factory management solution is used on handhelds by warehouse personnel at different points in the inventory management cycle for receiving, picking, storage, loading, delivery, apart from management, that gives you total and real-time control over inventory. The warehouse management solution video gives an overview of how this system functions with respect to delivering reliable performance and service to customers.


Factivity Factory Management Video

FACTIVITY’s Shop Floor Data Collection Software (SFDC) provides the best MES software which is easy-to-install and easier-to-use. Designed and developed from its inception for touch screens with our own unique operator push button user interface UI. This intuitive operator interface software has been time tested and proven to maximize your ROI. It is a plug and play shop floor solution. The factory management software video describes how FACTIVITY provides manufacturing companies activity tracking and it’s benefits.


Think7 Factory Management Video

Think7 is driven by the vision of enabling simple and practical automations for factories in the automotive industry. As a software products company providing niche products that have been validated as being revolutionary by customers, and a customer service which is unparalleled, we believe what we are offering is unique. The factory management system video gives a brief idea about how Think7, is a simple solution for a smart connected factory.


High Jump Factory Management Video

High Jump provides fully-managed Cloud WMS for your growing business-solutions optimized for your supply chain in the cloud. Their agile WMS solutions enable you to gain efficiencies in the short term through rapid implementation, while providing unmatched adaptability as your business evolves. High Jump’s functionality is supported by process-driven workflows that you can build on your own to support your ever-changing needs. The factory management video shows how High Jump makes it easy to upgrade your WMS or FMS.


SideUp Reply Warehouse Management Video

SideUp Reply is the new web-based software application for efficient warehouse management, immediately available online and distributed in accordance with the SaaS model. It has been designed for companies wishing to efficiently manage their warehouse operations without significant investments in hardware and software. This warehouse management video demonstrates the receiving and put-away processes as managed by SideUp Reply.


Siemens SinuTrain Factory Management Video

The controller-identical NC programming workstation SinuTrain brings SINUMERIK Operate, including an animated machine control panel, nearly realistically onto the PC. This ensures convenient production planning in the usual working environment. NC programs can be directly created and verified thanks to the original SINUMERIK CNC kernel, before they are transferred to the real machine. Users benefit from the increased machine availability and safety. Further, SinuTrain can be ideally used to train the operation and programming of SINUMERIK and to present and test new SINUMERIK functions. The factory management system video gives a brief introduction to SinuTrain and how it can help with production planning.


VisualFactory Factory Management Video

VisualFactory is a web browser based software application (running inside your corporate firewall) that is proven to dramatically reduce costs, improve the productivity and efficiency of your workforce, and deliver Right First Time quality. VisualFactory provides real time, dynamic Electronic Work Instructions (EWI) so that products are built right first time every time, even in low volume high variety and configure to order environments. The factory management software video provides a visual of how a VisualFactory makes the sales-warehousing-manufacturing management process easier.


Order Manager Factory Management Software Video

Order Manager is a complete 3PL Factory management solution that consists of several modules including order management, inventory and reporting, company or user management, product management, shipping integration and a front facing ordering system for end users to place direct orders. The factory management software video depicts the application and utility of the software and how it assists users for effective and quick work.


Oracle Factory Management Solution Video

Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud is a present day, best-of-breed, and outstandingly awesome warehouse management solution intended to help complex operations and give stock visibility from the conveyance focus to the store rack. It empowers organizations to build stock and shipment precision, enhance consumer loyalty and lessen fulfillment costs. The factory management solution video gives an outline about how their stage offers complete warehouse and logistics fulfillment to their customers.


A factory management software & solution company can create the following videos :

  • Factory Management Overview Video
  • Factory Management Brand Video
  • 2D & 3D Animated Explainer Video
  • Factory Management Marketing Video
  • Factory Management Promotional Video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • How To Videos

With the above factory management video examples it is evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand factory management solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting stuff in factory management videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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