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A data center strategy isn’t done in a vacuum. To succeed, the project will require alignment of the business and technology goals, as well as buy-in from several areas.Newer technologies, such as cloud and other hosting solutions, now play a key role in many long-term data center strategies. Data center face new challenges today for which the only solution is more robust data center management.

Video marketing is increasingly being used by data center management software & solutions to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article we look at 20 Video Examples From Datacenter Management Software, Systems & Solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own datacenter management solution. Here we go :

Sunbird Datacenter Management Video

Sunbird products are being used globally by 850+ customers across hundreds of thousands of racks, managing millions of assets, and monitoring billions of data points each and every day. From colo to owner operated, medium to large, private to public and nonprofit, Sunbird solutions helps customers improve availability, efficiency, and better utilize their data center assets. The Sunbird Data Center Management Software video takes you through the benefits of using DCIM and the features of the platform.

Siemens Datacenter Clarity Video

Siemens` DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) solution Datacenter Clarity LC links facility management with IT management and combines information from subsystems. These include energy management, building management, fire safety, monitoring of infrastructure, server racks, zones and floors, data storage systems, as well as switches and routers. The datacenter management video describes how Siemen’s Datacenter Clarity can maximize efficiency of how modern data centers can be managed more effciently.

AlgoSec Datacenter Management Video

AlgoSec empowers organizations to manage security at the speed of your business. Through its application-centric approach, AlgoSec automates and simplifies security policy management across virtual, cloud and physical environments to accelerate application delivery while ensuring security.The AlgoSec datacenter management video talks about how one can manage complex security policies in a simple, automated and orchestrated way.

Spectrum Datacenter Management Video

With the Spectrum Enterprise Data Center, one can link multiple locations,leverage bandwidth-intensive applications, fortify business continuity plans. Spectrum’s customized network solutions can cost-effectively power your Wide Area Network infrastructure for seamless and secure collaboration. For enterprises struggling to manage data and IT infrastructure effectively, colocation and hosting services from Navisite can help in reducing complexity of data center management. Spectrum Enterprise’s Data Center Management video shows how their Ethernet services can gain in colocation of your data center and help in fortifying the same.

IBM Multivendor Technology Support Video

IBM’s technology support aims to enable one to manage and support heterogenous IT datacenter environments. The IBM multivendor technology support videos shows how, by using a side-by-side comparison, managing your datacenter can be made much more simpler. By putting your trust into the reliability and experience of IBM, you can easily streamline all datacenter requirements. With data center management video highlights how with proactive maintenance, IBM can support nearly all of your datacenter needs.

Mesosphere DC/OS Datacenter Management Video

Mesosphere DC/OS technologies already power more containers in production than any other open source-based software in the world, and 1.9 further reinforces our enterprise-grade solution for modern, data-rich applications.Mesosphere DC/OS lets you simply click and deploy any of these applications in seconds – not the weeks required with manual traditional methods. Mesosphere DC/OS Datacenter management video shows how the software makes deployment easy combined with the power to deploy them and store your data on any infrastructure you choose.

Nlyte Datacenter Management Video

Nlyte is among the world leaders in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software focused on planning, managing and optimizing data centers.Nlyte partners to deliver off-the-shelf, integrated DCIM and ITSM and is proven it’s worth with enterprise scale deployments. The Nlyte datacenter management video shows how it connects to your existing business , providing cross-domain visibility.

Remote AccessIT Datacenter Management Video

Minicom’s Datacenter Remote AccessIT Management Solution is a secure and easy to use remote access management solution that enhances the level of IT service and IT productivity in organizations. AccessIT’s datacenter management video shows how the platform consolidates all remote access services in a single session, thus providing the IT staff with critical on-demand remote access to all IT assets, regardless of their physical location.

eMagic Datacenter Management Video

eMagic is a web based system for IT asset management, device deployment, comprehensive server monitoring and network management in datacenters spread across different geo-locations. eMagic is about three clicks – Build, Deploy and Manage. eMagic supports heterogeneous hypervisors for VM management that makes it unique. With features like IP SLA monitoring, netflow, alerts, reports and application monitoring, ITIL framework support, Change Management System, Incident Management System and Problem Management system. The eMagic Datacenter Management video shows how it acts aa a stand-alone solution for your enterprise datacenter.

CTSI Datacenter Management Video

The DCIM solutions from CTSI is a new generation of datacenter management software that’s easy, smart and complete. With CTSI, you can manage your assets and get real time information and guidance on the performance of your datacenter with a single platform. The CTSI datacenter management video shows how it allows one to automatically locate and track, visualize and manage your data center assets.

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Cisco Next-Gen Datacenter Innovations Video

Cisco’s new, comprehensive enterprise architecture delivers consistent policy-based automation across on-premise data centers and hybrid cloud environments. CliQr and the new Nexus 9000 switches built on Cloud Scale custom ASIC brings 5 times the performance, scalability, and security; technology that brings Cisco years ahead of the competition.Cisco Next-Gen Datacenter video shows how it integrates the network infrastructure services and application networking services that make up the next-generation enterprise data center.

Device42 Datacenter Management Video

Device 42 Inc., a leader in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM), delivers, low cost – high value solutions that enable organizations around the globe to quickly, easily, and effectively manage their complex IT infrastructures.With powerful data center visualization tools, IT staff now have access to intelligent data center diagrams that accurately reflect their IT environment. Device42’s Datacenter management video show how it can automate datacenter management with a variety of auto-discovery tools for network, physical, or virtual infrastructures.

netTerrain Datacenter Management Video

netTerrain Enterprise addresses both Data Center Infrastructure Management and Network Documentation in one solution by combining the features found in both netTerrain DCIM and netTerrain Logical, to provide a visualization portal to both the physical and logical network infrastructure.The netTerrain datacenter management video shows how organizations can bridge the gap between the Physical Data Center view and the Network view.

HPE SiteScope Datacenter Management Video

HPE SiteScope is agentless monitoring software focused on monitoring the availability and performance of distributed IT infrastructures, including servers, network devices and services, application and application services, operating systems and various IT enterprise components. The HPE SiteScope datacenter management video shows how helps IT organisations run and manage their key business services at optimum quality levels.

HelpSystems Datacenter Management Video

HelpSystems offers two automation platforms to handle the complex scheduling needs of modern enterprises: Automate and Skybot. Automate’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows you to manage your job scheduling without writing a single line of code. You can integrate your IT job schedule with automated processes around your organization, like user provisioning, report generation, and data scraping—and monitor it all from a central location.. The HelpSystem datacenter management video shows how the software, used together or even separately, can help your improvise the management of your datacenter.

Brocade Data Center Fabric Manager Video

Brocade Network Advisor continues Brocade leadership in network management with a unified SAN/IP network management software platform. It integrates the SAN management capabilities of Brocade Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM) and the IP network management capabilities of Brocade IronView Network Manager (INM). Brocade Data Center management video shows how it simplifies the management of physical and virtual network infrastructure, and provides unparalleled performance & scalability.

OnCommand Data Storage Management

With OnCommand, you can monitor the health of your clustered Data ONTAP environment and simplify management with OnCommand Unified Manager. One can also use OnCommand Unified Manager data management software to achieve operational efficiency across growing NetApp environments. One can get analysis, alerts and suggestions for corrective actions, while automating data protection.This datacenter management video gives an overview of OnCommand software and how it helps you control, automate and analyze your clustered Data ONTAP storage for optimal efficiency.

FUJITSU Datacenter Management Video

Hyper-converged infrastructures (HCI) make life of IT admins easier as they deliver compute, storage and virtualization functionalities out of one box. This is why HCI is a top priority for IT managers in their drive for simplicity. But changes in the infrastructure often trigger complex changes in the backup concept. With the integrated backup appliance, The Fujitsu datacenter management video talks about how ETERNUS CS200c offers a quick and simple backup solution for virtual environments – no matter if traditional, converged or hyper-converged.

BladeLogic Datacenter Automation Video

BladeLogic Datacenter Automation ensures databases start off and remain highly compliant without sacrificing speed. With BladeLogic one can automate compliance checks, reducing 100 steps down to a few minutes of effort. It also allows you to rapidly harden databases from a variety of vendors, saving hours. The BladeLogic datacenter management video demonstrates how it can establish and maintain your infrastructure with accuracy and ease.

OpenManage Integration Suite Video

The OpenManage Integration Suite for Microsoft System Center helps you further streamline, automate and simplify your most essential IT management tasks. ​The combination of Dell OpenManage Integration Suite and Microsoft System Center simplifies and enhances deployment, configuration, monitoring and updating of Dell servers and storage in physical and virtual environments. OpenManage server management video shows how it can help you more efficiently manage Dell hardware with automated processes and fewer tools.

A Datacenter management solution & system can create the following videos :

  • Datacenter Management Overview Video
  • Datacenter Management Brand Video
  • Datacenter Management Animated Explainer Video
  • Datacenter Management Marketing Video
  • Datacenter Management Promotional video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • Datacenter Management How To Videos

With the above datacenter management video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand datacenter management solutions & systems are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting datacenter management videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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