20 Stunning Video Examples of Construction Equipments & Tools

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It is a common fact that we find a wide variety of construction machines on every construction sites, which make the construction jobs easy, safe and quicker. Good project management in construction must vigorously pursue the efficient utilization of labor, material and equipment. The use of new equipment and innovative methods has made possible wholesale changes in construction technologies in recent decades. The selection of the appropriate type and size of construction equipment often affects the required amount of time and effort and thus the job-site productivity of a project.

Video marketing is increasingly being used by providers of construction equipments to market their offering and reach new clientele.

In this article we look at 20 Stunning Video Examples of Construction Equipments & Tools that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own construction equipments. Here we go :

CAT Grade Control Cross Slope Construction Equipment Video

Fully integrated into each machine, then installed and tested at the factory, CAT Grade Control Cross Slope is job ready from day one. This cost-effective all-in-one grading solution controls cross slope by automating blade movements on one side of the blade, helping you improve accuracy and productivity, while increasing your machine’s value, both on the job and at resale. The construction equipment video demonstrates how CAT Grade Control Cross Slope is an all-in-one grading solution that enhances jobsite efficiency.


Grove GHC130 Construction Equipment Video

The GHC Series telescoping crawler crane-GHC130 is redefining industry standards. The GHC Series combines excellent gradeability and lift capacity with 100 percent pick and carry capability. It all comes in a package that’s engineered for exceptional operator ergonomics and maneuverability, thanks to its rugged, heavy-duty crawler tracks and telescoping boom. The construction equipment video shows how GHC130 delivers heavy-duty lifting power and exceptional mid-range and maximum reach.


CAT XE Wheel Loader Video

With CAT XE Wheel Loader, Whether you’re loading trucks or doing clean-up work, you’ll like the high-efficiency power train and responsive hydraulics, all with no compromise in power or ease of operation. Choose speed, power and fuel efficiency when you buy or lease a Cat 966M XE. It gives work productively, even in poor underfoot conditions, with help from the disc-type differential lock. The construction equipment video shows how you can operate comfortably all day long in a spacious cab that features low-effort controls and an improved ride control system.


SmartROC T45 Construction Equipment Video

SmartROC T45 from Atlas Copco is an efficient and productive top hammer drill rig developed and designed for high performance in demanding construction applications. It’s also a very efficient alternative for aggregate and limestone quarries. The proven control system provides precise drilling and consistent operation, resulting in improved blasting results. The key to its incredible fuel efficiency is a rig that only uses the amount of energy the work demands. The construction equipment video shows how the SmartROC T45 sets the standard for future drilling, thanks to the intuitive design.


CAT Large Dozers Construction Equipment Video

CAT large dozers are modular in design. Mechanical availability is one of your top concerns. It reduces downtime by making their machines easy to repair and maintain. With the large dozers, you can minimize the removal and installation times of major power train components with our modular design. Elevated sprockets increase productivity, simplify maintenance, reduce downtime with modular components and raise final drives and associated power train components out of the work environment. The construction equipment video displays how CAT Large Dozers keep material moving with the reliability and low operating costs.


Volvo’s construction equipment video

VOLVO’s new standard and heavy duty general purpose buckets for wheel loaders is a must have construction equipment. The new heavy duty general purpose bucket has built on the previous features to produce an attachment that operates at peak performance while being a solid investment which will stand the test of time. The Volvo general purpose buckets are available with a hook-on interface, which is now industry standard compliant. The new updated spill guard design now allows for a Z-bar linkage to be used as well as the TP linkage, while still preventing spillages of materials.The construction equipment video highlights the main features of the product.


Volvo D-series Compact Excavators Video

Ensure maximum durability for a long machine life with the EC15D, EC18D and EC20D compact excavators. These reliable machines are designed to work hard, with fully protected hydraulics and a robust, reinforced dozer blade. The construction equipment video demonstrates how with a tough rear counterweight and casted digging equipment, you can be sure that your Volvo compact excavator will withstand the test of time.


L Series Loaders Construction Tool Videos

CAT L Series Loaders is all-new wheel loader family. Cat® Medium Wheel Loaders offer performance you can feel with the capability to work in the most demanding applications. Unmatched operator comfort and efficiency in a world class cab. Revolutionary electronics and hydraulics are integrated for low-effort operation. Increased productivity equates to lower owning and operating costs. The construction equipment video shows how you can depend on L Series loaders to perform reliably on tough jobs.


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LIKUFIX Construction Equipment Video

The fully automatic LIKUFIX automatic hydraulic coupling system facilitates rapid attachment changes from the cab of Liebherr hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders in the mid-sized design series. It allows for multiple mechanical and hydraulic attachments to be safely changed via a pushbutton in the cab with automatic connection of hydraulic lines. Spring-mounted coupling block and connections between hydraulic circuits are completely sealed to prevent dirt ingress. All individual moving parts are easily accessible for easier maintenance. The construction equipment video displays how LIKUFIX is a great piece of equipment to maximize the speed at a construction site.


CAT Construction Equipment Management Video

Seamless construction equipment management technology by CAT will help drive your business forward. CAT Equipment Management Services offers you the ability to reduce costs through preventive maintenance, fleet optimization and life cycle planning. It improves utilization by scheduling equipment and personnel better. You can know the location, health and efficiency of equipment and spot problems before they happen with data, inspections and fluid analysis. The construction equipment video video shows how CAT construction equipment management technologies help you see exactly where your money goes where it’s being used effectively and where you can potentially cut costs.


ORBCOMM Construction Equipment Video

ORBCOMM’s global heavy equipment tracking solutions combine multi-network connectivity, leading-edge telematics devices and powerful web applications to support the complete value chain, from OEMs to dealers and fleet owners. The construction equipment video shows how you can get more from your fleet from ORBCOMM by maximizing usage, improving preventative maintenance, avoiding theft, finding lost equipment and better allocating assets on job sites.


Hyundai Construction Equipment Video

Hyundai the most trusted korean brand has successfully made millions of customers happy around the globe with its hitech products. Even in the construction sector, the hyundai HFex 15 fuel cell hybrid system is a revolutionary construction machine. It posses an independent crawler system and suspension system. The construction equipment video shows an overview of the functions of the equipment.


Hercules Construction Equipment Video

The hercules concept excavator has exquisite features that distinguishes it from the other existing excavators.
It uses the principle of continuous rotary cutting and soil extraction and eliminates the energy wasteful dead cycles. Therefore assuring efficiency, energy and time saving. The construction equipment video shows the design and functionalities of the machine.


Doosan Construction Equipment Video

Doosan has operated for the past few decades and has established a great name for itself. It has a competitive edge to itt by delivering high performance products. Doosan forklift offers easy and powerful way for construction. Doosan aims to create powerful machines which are easy to operate, eco friendly and which give high results on investments. The construction equipment video shows how doosan machine can help improve productivity with its new design.


EVERDIGM Industrial Equipment Video

EVERDIGM takes the lead in building construction, road construction, mining, dam, quarry, demolition and many other applications with its quality machines based on strong R&D and globally active power that have brought a great success.Everdigm rocket tools hammers helps to minimize and simplify hammer components and increases penetration rates and high air flow. You get a diminished friction inside hammer structure. The 3D industrial equipment video describes how Everdigm hammer is a perfect handy tool to increase productivity at a site.


Sany Crane Construction Equipment Video

SANY is a global manufacturer of industry-leading construction and mining equipment, port and oil drilling machinery, and renewable wind-energy systems. Their construction cranes with the lifting capacity from 25t to 1600t is built with remarkable load-lifting capacity, delivering superior lifting performance for construction, ocean engineering, nuclear power and wind farm projects. The construction equipment video showcases how enables you to get maximum job-site productivity in multiple work environments.


A Construction Equipments provider can create the following videos :

  • Construction Equipment Overview Video
  • Construction Equipment Introduction Video
  • Construction Equipment Animated Explainer Video
  • Construction Equipment Marketing Video
  • Construction Equipment Promotional Video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • Construction Equipment How To Videos

With the above construction equipment & tool video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand construction equipment & tool providers are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting construction tools video examples, if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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