20 Stunning Product Launch Video Examples

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A great video included in a product launch strategy makes it brilliant. The tone and style of video can be as per your customer base such as promo, teaser, explanation, feature rich, etc. A great start is by looking at what are other marketers creating for their companies.

In this article we look at 20 Stunning Product Launch Video Examples that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your product launch. Here we go :

Google One Pass Product Launch Video
Category: Digital Payment Product Launch Example

Google One Pass in an online store developed by Google for publishers looking to sell subscriptions to their content. One Pass offers the ability for publishers of any size, from large mainstream media companies to independent publishers, to sell their content through Google’s service. The content is made available through both the Internet and Android mobile devices. The product launch video shows how Google introduced a unique way to allow the publishers to focus on what they do best and not worry about the hassle involved in building an online store.


Adidas Ultra Boost Product Launch Video
Category: Consumer Good Product Launch Example

The Adidas Ultra Boost is a popular running sneaker from Adidas. The running shoe raises the bar for that best-run-ever feeling. Built with ultra-cushioned boost, the revolutionary midsole returns energy from your footstrike to propel you forward. A cage-free Adidas Primeknit upper adapts to your foot through the gait cycle and delivers a clean, minimalist feel. The dynamic product launch video displays Ultra boost at the ultimate running shoe that delivers a light, cushioned and energy packed experience. Product launch Video Examples help to get ideas for your Marketing.


Xbox One S Product Launch Video
Category: Gaming Product Launch Example

Xbox One S is the new generation of gaming. Play the greatest games line-up, including Xbox 360 classics, on a smaller console. With an internal power supply and up to 2TB of internal storage, the Xbox One S is the most advanced Xbox ever. Experience richer, more luminous colours in games and with a higher contrast ratio between lights and darks, it’s high dynamic range technology brings out the true visual depth of your games. The animated product launch video shows how Xbox One S is the ultimate games and 4K entertainment system.


LIMS Accelerator Product Launch Video
Category: Pharmaceutical Product Launch Example

With LIMS Accelerator is a leading pharmaceutical company that reduces time managing samples and data. Its labs are working faster while improving both accuracy and quality. LIMS is helping them eliminate manual data entry for a more agile testing network and to enable a harmonized processes from lab to lab. The product launch explainer video represents LIMS Accelerator as a tool that boosts lab efficiency.


WAVE Air Purifier Product Launch Video
Category: Home Appliance Product Launch Example

The WAVE air purifier concentrates on a four-pronged approach to purifying the air, water, ventilation and energy aspects of any building. It draws on the UV technology favored by hospitals and sterile medical facilities and It utilizes smart sensing technology that continually samples the air, causing it to begin purification when increased levels of contaminants are detected.The 3D product launch video highlights how The cutting-edge, green air purifier by WAVE is unlike any others in providing the best living environment for users.


Flowater Product Launch Video
Category: Sustainability Product Launch Example

Flowater is an innovative water filtration system that is working to rid the world of plastic water bottles by providing high quality filtered water in public spaces such as schools and public parks. Using the newest technology in water Refill Stations, they produce water that tastes and hydrates better than anything in a single-use bottle, delivered into your reusable bottle. The 3D product launch video displays how Flowater is revolutionizing the way people drink water, while eliminating plastic bottle waste from the planet.


Danfoss Micro Plate Heat Exchanger Product Launch Video
Category: Home Appliance Product Launch Example

The Danfoss plate heat exchanger range consists of both brazed and gasketed plate heat exchangers for district heating and cooling applications. The unique plate design means your district heating application can even be individually re-calibrated to match your specifications so you choose what’s best for your network. The 3D product launch video shows how Danfoss delivers strong tangible results with its Micro Plate Heat Exchanger.


Aquanta Water Heater Product Launch Video
Category: Home Appliance Product Launch Example

The Aquanta retrofittable water heater controller brings your electric or gas water heater out of the basement and into the palm of your hand to heat water only when you need it. The smart-home enabled water heater controller, can also help you save money on your energy bill. It’s autonomous learning function matches water heating with usage patterns and you can operate via a remote dashboard. The product launch video shows how Aquanta offers a nest-like control for water heaters.


Funnster Product Launch Video
Category: Social & Mobile App Product Launch Example

Funnster is an app for people that love to host events for their family and friends. They help manage the hassles that usually go into hosting an event. They take care of the logistics, details and financial stress. The Funnster app helps with every single stage of hosting, from sending invites, finding venues, arranging food and drink, sending updates, and much more. The product launch video shows how Funnster makes it simple and fun for hosts & guests to connect, feel good, and share experiences.


Cochlear Kanso Product Launch Video
Category: Healthcare Product Launch Example

Unlike most hearing aids and current cochlear implant sound processors that are worn on the ear, Kanso is a small, off-the-ear hearing device that provides a discreet hearing solution and delivers the same hearing experience as a behind-the-ear sound processor. The Kanso Sound Processor features a single on/off button with no cables so it is easy to use. It is worn on the user’s head with nothing behind the ear, adding greater comfort for those with glasses, and it can be easily hidden under or blended within a user’s hair. The product launch video shows how The Kanso Sound Processor provides a distinct new way for cochlear implant users to hear.


Making of a Video : View the Process of Making Google Allo's Video

BoAt Rockerz 600 Product Launch Video
Category: Headphone & Electronic Product Launch Example

The Rockerz 600 by boAt, is truly the wireless headphones of the future. You can pause/play, change tracks, adjust the volume and even answer calls with a simple tap of the ear cup. Feel the HD Sound Quality with Super Extra Bass. Made for today’s heavy-hitting bass lines and dropping beats, Rockerz 600’s super extra bass technology delivers powerful, clear bass sound where it’s hard to find in its class Bluetooth headphones. The product launch video demonstrates Rockerz 600 as a clutter-free, seamlessly integrated design for instinctive use.


Advent Portfolio Exchange Product Launch Video
Category: Finance & Accounting Product Launch Example

Advent Portfolio Exchange is an integrated portfolio and client management solution that puts everyone in your firm, from executives to portfolio managers to operations on the same platform. Deployed in the cloud or on a Professional site, APX centralizes all your portfolio, client and prospect marketing data on one platform. The product launch video shows how People can get the information they need quickly, with customizable dashboards, a vast report library and robust custom reporting capabilities, with APX.


Eurex Clearing ISA Direct Product Launch Video
Category: Financial Services Product Launch Example

Eurex Clearing is a central counterparty clearing house and a world leader in risk management and post-trade services, ensuring safer markets. The ISA Direct model combines elements of a direct clearing membership and the traditional service relationship in client clearing tailored specifically for the buy side. It opens up a new principal client relationship between buy side clients and the CCP, with the regular Clearing Member acting as a Clearing Agent, providing a variety of mandatory and optional service functions. The product launch video shows how ISA Direct allows you to benefit from integrated models and services.


Dalmia Cement Product Launch Video
Category: Manufacturing Product Launch Example

Dalmia Cement is leader in cement manufacturing. Their cement plants in India have grown manifolds in terms of capacity and they are also acquiring some new plants to increase the volume and expand further. Apart from world-class cement manufacturing plants in India, what makes them unique as a cement manufacturer is their constant ability to innovate. On the key efficiency parameters, they have generated inexpensive and eco-friendly captive power for their plant. This power is wheeled through the State utility transporter for consumption at the plant. The 3D product launch video introduces Dalmia cement as a pioneer in their industry.


TRIAX TDX Product Launch Video
Category: Electronics Product Launch Example

TRIAX is an international supplier of innovative, high-tech solutions for the reception and distribution of video, audio and data signals. The company’s products and solutions are used by broadcasters, cable operators, local closed networks and domestic dwelling. TRIAX TDX offers revolutionary IP pool technology that simplifies the setting up and handling of headends. The product launch video shows how TRIAX’s TDX technology makes the input and output modules mutually independent.


Soluto Product Launch Video
Category: Social, Web Portal Product Launch Example

Soluto is an anti frustration software that helps each user learn and do new things with the devices and services they use based on their behaviour and interests. They engage with their users in different ways by sending them helpful info at the right time or connecting them to one of our tech experts to guide them through it. The animated product launch video shows how Soluto is empowering people to get the most out of their technology.


Coverity Test Advisor Product Launch Video
Category: Software Testing Tool Product Launch Example

Coverity’s automated test optimization solution, Test Advisor, enables developers to test smarter and faster by prioritizing which tests must be re-run based on the impact of change. Test Advisor identifies testing gaps as well as wasteful or ineffective tests and provides a list of recommendations so you know which tests must be run to minimize time to market and what should be run to minimize risk. The animated product launch video portrays how Test Advisor integrates seamlessly into your existing build and test processes and provides meaningful results that ensure shorter test cycles and faster time to market.


ResMan Product Launch Video
Category: Property Management Product Launch Example

ResMan is the fastest growing property management software solution in the multifamily industry, providing easy-to-use automation tools that improve operational effectiveness and productivity for Conventional and Affordable Housing Property Management. Built on a single platform, ResMan provides a highly intuitive solution to meet both operational and accounting needs for the multifamily owner or operator. The business product launch video shows how Resman delivers an intuitive software and an industry-leading customer experience.


PriceLizer Product Launch Video
Category: Apparel & Fashion App Product Launch Example

The innovative solution PriceLizer is based on consumer research and the logic of the shopper. PriceLizer is one of Lizer Group’s insanely clever creations. The app is targeted for consumers who want to have an efficient and fun shopping experience online. PriceLizer is a multi-platform application that allows users to quickly bookmark and monitor the price of any product they find on any site online. In the application itself, users can find new inspiration from friends, brands and influencers. The animated product launch video shows how PriceLizer positively influences the choices made by online shoppers.


Bullion Bitcoin Product Launch Video
Category: Digital Payment Product Launch Example

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency controlled by a massive open-source network of people. Miners create bitcoins using computers to solve complex mathematical algorithms. The Bullion Bitcoin exchange allows sophisticated investors to trade gold bullion and bitcoin. Bullion Bitcoin fixes the price of gold in bitcoin terms twice a day. The product launch video animation shows how Bullion Bitcoin enables you to buy gold with Bitcoin quickly easily and with no barriers.


Following types of product launch videos most commonly used :

  • Product Launch 3D Video
  • Product Launch Animated Video
  • Product Feature Video
  • Launch Teaser video


  • Build a strong creative brief
  • Find a reference video or combine multiple video elements from different sources
  • Work with a company that can understand your video production requirement easily
  • Bonus tip – Keep time on your side, to achieve perfection. Do not rush

  • With the above product launch video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

    We at Advids create custom animated product launch video based on your brief. Our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having create 300 plus product launch animated videos, our Creative Studio can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what you plan to create with your next product launch video.

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