20 Online Promotional Advertising Campaign Examples

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Online promotional advertising videos are a great way to grab your audience’s attention and easily communicate your company, product, service or platform within seconds. If you’re looking to start an online promotional campaign, videos are a great way to move ahead and create an authentic image in the market.

In this article we look at 20 online promotional advertising examples that are on the spot. Watch these promotional advertising examples to get ideas for marketing your own offering. Here we go :

American Express Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Corporate Finance Online Promotional Advertising Example

American Express is a data science company that harnesses data, develops algorithms and derives intelligence to determine risks. The employees work as a family to make sure they don’t just deliver results to the company’s clients but also take care of each other in times of need. The online promotional advertising shows a testimonial of how the entire organization came to the rescue of an employee, helping him take care of his family.

Upfluence Online Promotional Advertising
Category : SaaS Online Promotional Advertising Example

Upfluence Software is an all-in-one SaaS that allows brands to identify and contact their influencers at scale. Its solutions range from its successful influence marketplace, publisher.Io and influencer search engine facade, to its latest content distribution tool. The online promotional advertising shows how Upfluence provides a platform where bloggers and product marketers can work and grow together through sponsored posts.

McAfee Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Computer & Network Security Online Promotional Advertising Example

McAfee is a global organization with a 30-year history and a brand known for new age innovation, collaboration and trust. They have added a new feature to their McAfee security service known as ‘Identity Protection’ to better protect its customers identities on the digital platforms, safeguarding them from identity theft and manipulation. The online promotional advertising tells us how McAfee can be your knight in shining armor, saving your data from malware, ransomware and other cybercrime.

Heineken Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Beverage Company Online Promotional Advertising Example

Heineken is the world’s most well known brewer. It is the leading developer and marketer of premium beer and cider brands. Heineken is committed to innovation, long-term brand investment, disciplined sales execution and focused cost management. The online promotional advertising showcases how Heineken is just the beverage you need to have a good time.

eBay Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Ecommerce Platform Online Promotional Advertising Example

EBay allows consumers to hold a garage sale, but instead of it being in the garage, it’s online and instead of just neighbours, it’s the whole world. Now buy and sell any new or old stuff of your choice and style from anyone, vendor or otherwise. The online promotional advertising showcases how you get the things you love from eBay at a discounted cost.

Navara Online Promotional Advertising
Category : App Development Online Promotional Advertising Example

Navara is a leading mobile application management company. Their software is purpose built to enable secure access to enterprise apps on mobile devices. It has successfully demonstrated its capability to service companies in the financial sector, the health sector and government agencies. The online promotional advertising shows how Navara analytics helps organizations analyze data for a data driven strategy and transform businesses to the next level.

Pixifly Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Social Media App Online Promotional Advertising Example

Pixifly is a mobile application that allows you to search for Instagram photos based on time and place. Instead of searching for photos based on keywords or hashtags, Pixifly lets you find photos by where and when they’re posted, either by specifying the name of the place or zeroing in on a specific location via the map view feature. The online promotional advertising showcases how people can check out photos from different places and times, allowing them to see what’s going on in the area around them at a certain time.

Avetta Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Risk Management Online Promotional Advertising Example

Avetta is a SaaS based cloud supply chain risk management platform, designed to connect the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, driving sustainable growth. A key feature by Avetta is adaptive solutions tailored to an individual organisation’s needs. The online promotional advertising shows how Avetta can help organisations create, protect and grow long-term value by mitigating sustainability risks in their supply chain.

Scoop App Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Travel App Online Promotional Advertising Example

Scoop helps you to get to work and back home without any hassle. People can take a carpool according to your schedule, be it a driver or rider. Just schedule your ride a night before and your car will arrive right on time the next morning, whenever and wherever you ask. You can comfortably share your car and save money. The online promotional advertising shows how Scoop can slay your commute problems, providing effective, pocket friendly rides.

iClick Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Omni-Channel Online Promotional Advertising Example

iClick Interactive is a leading digital marketing and ad tech solutions company in Asia, connecting worldwide advertisers. They connect advertisers to the right audience around the globe. The proprietary platform, which boasts cross-channel and cross-screen capabilities, transforms data into insight, action and performance. The online promotional advertising shows how an advertiser can connect the right message with the right audience with programmatic advertising.

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Wisely Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Lifestyle App Online Promotional Advertising Example

Wisely is a mobile application that generates shopping and dining recommendations based on user transaction data, rather than user reviews. It also allows users to manage personal finances, by connecting to its users credit cards, which allows users to set a budget, monitor their purchases over time, map them geographically and identify fraudulent transactions. The online promotional advertising showcases all the features Wisely has up its sleeve.

Shopdrobe Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Lifestyle App Online Promotional Advertising Example

Shopdrobe is a unique social-networking platform for shopaholics and people who like to set trends and share their own style with others. Shopdrobe gives everyone a chance to experiment with their style by trying something new, while being supported by friends and followers around the globe. The online promotional advertising shows how shopdrobe helps you connect with people with similar interests and make faster decisions when it comes to shopping for wearables.

SoftServe Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Healthcare Software Online Promotional Advertising Example

SoftServe is a leading technology solutions company specializing in software product and application development and services. It has been partnering with organizations from start-ups to large enterprises to help them accelerate growth and innovation, transform operational efficiency and deliver new products to market. The online promotional advertising showcases how SoftServe helps healthcare organizations to increase patient engagement.

Ad Plus Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Computer Application Online Promotional Advertising Example

Ad Plus is a browser application that helps customers avoid becoming prey to remarketing of products and services they visited online with the intent of buying or having already bought them. It helps them to also be in control of the information they share with the advertisers, allowing them to successfully block annoying pop ups and ads while reading an interesting blog. The online promotional advertising demonstrates how Ad Plus, after the consumer has installed it, functions, effectively slowing down the number of advertisements seen by them.

Azavista Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Event Management Online Promotional Advertising Example

Azavista is an all-in-one event management software that solves the complications of corporate event and conference professionals. The software makes executing successful events simple and affordable. Azavista’s event management solution improves event experience, streamlines event planning and provides data-driven reporting. The online promotional advertising demonstrates how Azavista can help you grow, track and boost your event’s performance.

Kaspersky Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Antivirus Software Online Promotional Advertising Example

Kaspersky Lab’s deep threat intelligence and security expertise is constantly transforming into security solutions and services to protect businesses and consumers around the globe. Its comprehensive security portfolio includes industry-leading endpoint protection and a number of specialized security solutions and services to fight sophisticated and evolving digital threats. The online promotional advertising showcases how Kaspersky is all that you need to secure your computer from cyber attacks.

Optymyze Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Sales Management Online Promotional Advertising Example

Optimize is a enterprise cloud sales management solution that leverages all the power of data from hundreds of sources, combined with artificial intelligence, to constantly determine the drivers and predictors of sales performance. They do this by motivating people to achieve sales goals, efficiently managing sales operations, predicting the performance of each sales person, forecasting sales results and the cost of sales. The online promotional advertising showcases how Optymyze can predict the future, organize and manage your sales accordingly.

Intelice Solutions Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Online IT Solutions Promotional Advertising Example

Intelice Solutions provides trusted IT support and consulting services for small and medium sized organizations. They take care of company’s day to day IT needs with their expertise and help them put strategic plans for success. The online promotional advertising shows how they help organizations with their IT services.

Orataro Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Online Communication Platform Promotional Advertising Example

Orataro is the ultimate school to parent communication tool. The mobile app provides schools with an easy way to tell parents and guardians everything they need to know about school news and a child’s activities in school. Their school mobile app is also perfect for consolidating school and social media platform to give an easy single point for parent communication. The online promotional advertising highlights how Orataro helps in increasing the communication between the school and the parent.

Cyient Online Promotional Advertising
Category : Data Analysis Service Online Promotional Advertising Example

Cyient Insights strives to turn data into a potential powerhouse by crunching and churning data into insights. Team Cyient-Insights strives to enable their customers to drive business innovation and deliver quantifiable business results through smart data analytics and actionable intelligence. The online promotional advertising video shows how Cyient fuels the insights behind machine and equipment data, enabling their customers to keep production at a maximum and equipment operation running.


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Key takeaways from the above promotional advertising campaign examples are :

  • Build a strong creative brief
  • Find a reference video or combine multiple video elements from different sources
  • Work with a company that can understand your video production requirement easily

With the above promotional advertising campaigns, it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are planning to develop a video, a good start is to develop a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through teaser trailers.

We at Advids create custom videos based on your brief. With a complete video production services plan at a fixed price, our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having created 1200 plus explainers for businesses, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what your company plans to create with for the next video requirement.