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Website Builder Video & CloudWebsites are like life blood for a business today. Creating a website , managing it and making it work for your business requires expertise. With the current technology development its no longer needed to hire web agencies and studios to create great looking websites.

With website builder software and online website builder platforms now entrepreneurs can create website on their own. With so many variety of online businesses today, one has to find the right website builder to meet his functionality. Although these website builder all say the same but the work very differently. We look at some of the Website Builder Software providers and how they are using videos to market themselves and reach to their target audiences.

This article highlights 20 marketing video examples from Website Builder software & tools that are on the spot. Watch these videos and get ideas for your marketing your solution. Here we go :

Simbla Intro Video

Creating a website is a little bit frustrating especially to users who are not that knowledgeable when it comes to building websites. Simbla provides a free bootstrap based, drag and drop responsive website builder. Try our easy website maker and be amazed. The intro video acts as an open invitation for anyone to try their hands to create a beautiful website.

WIX Overview Video

With Wix.com you can create your stunning website in just minutes! Wix is a free do-it-yourself website builder online tool, that allows users to create a stunning online presence. With an intuitive drag n’ drop editor interface, everyone is able to create a professional and beautiful website. To get started, simply choose a website template you love, click to change anything and publish instantly. The overview video blends UI, mockups and animation brilliantly creating a sense of ease and show how you can have a great website in minutes.

Squarespace Intro Video

Want to create a website but you’re not a CSS or HTML master? Squarespace has you covered with a site builder that’s great for CSS veterans and rookies alike. Squarespace is a content management system-integrated website builder, blogging platform, hosting service and domain name registrar. It provides an all-in-one web building and publishing solution. The ease of use and level of individuality it offers is shown in the video.

Jimdo Intro Video

Jimdo offers a customizable and easy to use website builder solution that does not require knowledge of coding. It offers a large variety of designs and styles and SEO tools with a mobile app for anywhere modifications. Jimdo enables you to create a professional responsive website, online store or blog in minutes with drag and drop website builder tools The animated intro video shows how Jimdo can be used to create stunning website easily.

Bloxup Intro Video

With Bloxup you can create your own free website easily and quickly. Its a revolutionary drag and drop website builder and statistics app, with a huge emphasis on social media. The intro video highlights website builder drag and drop feature enabling anyone to create a website without any coding.

LightCMS Overview Video

LightCMS Developer Platform is an innovative solution for designers, agencies and others who make websites. The LightCMS Developer Platform provides industry-leading custom design flexibility, a host of easy-to-use website features, and a suite of amazing tools designed to help your website business thrive. The animated video highlights how developers can create great website and provide CMS to their clients while all the other aspects are taken care off.

Wall.fm Overview Video

Wall.fm social networking website builder lets you start a social network in minutes. free themes, data ownership, photo/video, blogs, groups and more. Feature packed with every aspect of building a community website included. The overview video is fast, snappy and triggers the right emotion for a prospect looking for a no coding website builder software.

Emyspot Teaser Video

Emyspot online website builder that is easy to use for everyone, from beginners to web agencies. The teaser video is driven by a story or narrative, focusing on how a craftsman became an online favourite. Simple and fun.

ProQloud Overview Video

ProQloud is a new web-based service designed to make website construction and business management easy for creatives and audio professional. Your site will look great no matter what the device, proQloud has been built to work on all device platforms. The website builder video shows why audio professionals will love ProQloud.

iGloo Product Video

iGloo is a Website Builder software that you can only do the Drag and Drop with a few clicks. Gloo software is light weighted for using website editor, thus the back end speed is great. If you can click & type you can design & create your own website inside of iGloo. Designed for the every day person, creating webpages has never been easier.The product video combines dynamic animation along with UI to show ease the entire solution is.

Making of a Video : View the Process of Making Google Allo's Video

Webto Overview Video

Webto offers a turn-key website creation solution that provides features to quickly create websites on beautifully designed themes to increase the value of existing service offerings; Focusing more on selling and less time on developing. The website builder video shows how a professional website can be created fast.

iCreate Overview Video

iCreate is a Website & Online Store creation platform. It allows you to create blogs, websites, mobile sites and online stores through the use of the user-friendly, drag and drop website builder. The web design software video highlights the drag and drop features to create a great looking website by anyone.

TeamSnap Platform Video

TeamSnap is an online website building software used for team and groups tp manage creation & updates of their website. It allows you to create a website for your team or group by using their user friendly website builder.With all features built for teams and sport clubs Teamsnap is an ideal solution to create great looking websites. The design video shows an overview of the TeamSnap website builder in action.


Shopify is a cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It lets you set up an online store without any technical knowledge required, fully customizable and easily maintainable. The video explains how to use Shopify’s platform to instantly set up your own store.


Webociti is an Internet Marketing Company that specializes in web design and website development for individuals as well as small to mid-size enterprises. Webociti follows a seven phase process that is highlighted in the video.

Vistaprint Website Builder Video

Vistaprint offers a WYSIWYG site builder desktop application for designing and building web sites. The website can be published directly from the desktop itself with all multimedia, images and video content.. The getting started video goes through the process of designing and publishing the website using Vistaprint.

SiteBuilder Overview Video

SiteBuilder is a website builder that offers an all-in-one solution for setting up a website. The tools are provided for all kinds of customization, with a drag-and drop editor and is SEO friendly. Easily create a free website with SiteBuilder, you can start by selecting a template for your website from 1000’s of templates to make a fantastic website in no time. The animated explainer video highlights the process of building a website with SiteBuilder.

Yola Overview Video

Yola is a webhosting company that offers a website creation solution that does not require programming knowledge. The easy to use editor and different styling choices offer plenty of customization, with a support team ready to help. The animated video shows how to use the Yola website builder to design and build websites.

EXAI website builder Video

With EXAI Website Builder, it is now possible to create websites for your SMB clients.You can mass produce websites using an artificial intelligence technology in an automatic site creation platform. Editing and designing websites in a drag and drop, WYSIWYG interface with built in SEO, is now possible.The website builder video shows how it is the ultimate online presence for SMBs seeking the social, local and mobile solution.

Yatco WebPro Website Builder Video

YACTO WEB PRO gives the power back to yacht brokers & brokerages to create, edit & manage their own responsive website in just minutes. It is a cloud-based platform packed with cutting-edge functionalities, an unlimited number of high quality designs to customize to any brand and one that would fit perfectly within any mobile device. The website builder video highlights its innovative features and tells how YATCO powers your website to the top of the search engines.

Website builder solutions & platforms can create the following videos to communicate their offering :

  • Platform Overview Video
  • Product Demo / Feature Videos
  • Animated Explainer Videos
  • Getting Started / Intro Videos
  • Sales & Marketing Videos
  • Youtube Promo / Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • How To Videos

With the above Website Builder software & website design software video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand Website Builder Software solutions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting in Website Builder software Videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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