20 Great Product Customization Video Examples

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The quality or character of a particular person or thing that distinguishes them from others of the same kind, especially when strongly marked. A person’s character is unique to themselves and using today’s advancement in technology, businesses have incorporated this idea into their Product Customization business strategy.

Customizing products allows customers to design their own aspect of the product. This also assures the customers that the product is unique and specially made for them, which in turn helps the businesses gain customer loyalty. Businesses that have acquired this strategy, either as a major aspect or for a limited time period, have seen a major inflow of consumer interest and many potential windows of opportunity.

In this article we look at 20 Great Product Customization Video Examples that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own Product Customization offering. Here we go :

MyLable One Product Video

A place to personalise your brand for your customer without losing your own brand identity, MyLable One is B2B2C solution, it allows users to customize a branded product in their own way and at the same time makes sure the brand name retains their own individuality. The product customization video describes the win-win situation between customers and brands.


AlmaMater Product Customization Video

From commemorating any special moment of your life to the farewell of seniors with good luck, from the school soccer team to a college camping trip. Customize t-shirts for any and every occasion. AlmaMater allows customer to choose from cool basic color of the t-shirt or hoodies to the warm artwork on it. The product customization video will make you want to customize product for yourself and for any near and dear one.

The Book of Everyone Personalised Product Video

To make someone feel special and loved, one needs to tell them how extraordinary they are. The book of everyone does just that by creating a custom design book that introduces the dedicated person to very distinct and diverse facts about themselves. The product customization video introduces ‘the book of everyone’ and describes it various features in the process.

VCreate Product Video

Being a car dealer and salesman, one has to do anything and everything to attract attention of the new customer and increase scale. VCreate is made to help such dealers to stand out of the crowd and shine. VCreate allows dealers to make a personalised video in response to any inquiry made, by putting together a short video which might consist of a small intro, a walk-through and some other information based on the inquiry. The product customization video walks you through the brief on the process of creating a personalised video.

CompanyBox Product Customization Video

Ever heard of the Matryoshka doll? Commonly known as Russian nesting doll? How each doll fits perfectly within the other? Other than being beautiful, it also is a very good example of saving space within each space. CompanyBox allows its clients to not only to choose from standard box sizes for packaging, it also allows to create packaging boxes of any size down to millimeter and also of any shape. The product customization video will explain in brief on the above mentioned features and more.

Tailor Store Personalised Product Video

It’s comfortable, elegant, stylish and made for me. Its sounds arrogant but it’s true. Something about tailor-made suite wants you to brag and when you use Tailor Store to do it, you get bragging rights. The product customization video will show you how to personalise your wardrobe in three simple steps and why their tagline suits them when they say ‘One Size Only: Yours’.

Anya Personalised Product Video

Every women’s apparel is there to enhance the femininity, grace and poise of character. Therefore, each and everyone of those apparels when allowed to match with the right personality, leaves an impression behind. Anya Hindmarch’s Build a Bag allows customer to personally chose from the distinct and diverse options to design a unique bag of their own. The product customization video introduces the step-by-step procedure to create a personalised product.

Thierry Rabotin Product Customization Video

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. And Thierry Rabotin is here to do just that. Thierry Rabotin signifies the preeminent Italian brand of exquisite comfortable fashion-forward women’s footwear and with their 3D virtual boutique concept, they allow women to not only select from their elaborate collection but also to be able to accumulate their own design which goes with their own persona. The product customization video explains in brief about the features regarding the 3D Virtual Boutique and how it’s products are similar to Thierry Rabotin’s own design products options.

Boori Product Customization Video

Cute and colorful, safe and sturdy, warm and comfortable for our little crawlers. Specialising in kids furniture, Boori makes custom design, expandable furniture for toddlers to 5 year olds. Their design can convert from a crib to a small sofa to a 5 year old’s bed. The product customization video example will show the step-by step approach on the extendable furniture.

E.L.S.E. Product Customization Video

An acronym for Exclusive Luxury Shopping Experience, E.L.S.E. is a cloud based SaaS platform for virtual retail shopping. E.L.S.E. enables mass customization, exclusive and made to measure products for the many. Thanks to automation and democratisation of product customization & personalization processes and industrial approach to made to measure retail sales, E.L.S.E. is transforming the fashion industry. The product customization video provides first person view of how a customer can move through the process and acquire themselves the end product.

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Saxoprint Product Customization Video

1 billion. If one gets 1 billion option of anything then how many possibilities it opens? Say choosing from 1 billion flavours of ice-creams, from 1 billion Pradas to 1 billion Louis Vuittons. That’s how many choices of box sizes you get with Saxoprint Custom Packaging. With custom size boxes to standard ECMA or FEFCO size, Saxoprint is a one-stop shop for packaging. The product customization video describes all said feature and more about Saxoprint Custom Packing.

Trinity Product Customization Video

Ever had an idea that got glossed over before taking shape or because you lacked the necessary knowledge to make it true. Well with Trinity Electronic Systems you ideas can not only take shape they become a working reality(electronics one anyway). They meet with customers to create a proposal that covers all areas of the product including drawings, packaging, cabling, printed circuit boards, software and instruction manuals. The product customization video will show how your product customization design takes shape and becomes reality.

Mitch Dowd Product Customization Video

Mitch Dowd helps you personalise your pyjamas by letting you send pictures and patterns you would want to roam around in, both in your house and elsewhere. The product customization video introduces the concept and encourages customers to try out the online store.

MiAdidas Product Customization Video

A story in every box. Adidas came with the idea of letting customer put together their own color-scheme to the pre-existing model and they will manufacture and ship it to the customer. Miadidas stories are the designs and story behind those designs by the customer. The product customization video shows one of the design of the shoe and its parts.

Whittaker Product Customization Video

Ever entered an office building and had a feeling of entering an entirely different world? Some major brands wants to make sure you never forget where you are, therefore, they brand practically every aspect of their office supply. From pens to notepads to letterheads to visiting cards, each either has company name or logo and Whittaker Office Customization makes sure that happens. The product customization video explains the services provided by Whittaker Office Solution.

Tangle Teezer Personalised Product Video

Ever wanted Oribe combing through you hair, styling and restyling it? Or are you more partial towards Marie Robinson or Tracey Cunningham? Tangle Teezer might not get you to them personally, but you can have them on you hair-styling accessories. Tangle Teezer lets you personalise your own brushes and detanglers before purchase, allowing you to mix and match with colors or place the picture of your loved one or favourite celebrity. The product customization video of Tangle Teezer advertises the said feature and more.

TwenT3 Product Video

Carrying two pictures in the same photo is something that may sound ridiculous but when you see it, you will be impressed. TwenT3 Personalised Photo Gifts creates personalised lenticular images of the given images, giving one of a kind unique 3D effect, flip and morphing effect. For your home or for business and advertising or marketing. The 3D animation video shows the categories and examples of the service TwenT3 provides with product customization.

Facebook Personalised Video

Members of Facebook got a surprise when it unveiled “Birthday Video”, a personalised video product that shows the members their 20 biggest moments and can share it with their friends and family. With permission, Facebook puts together an animated video with pictures of some of the most important moments. The personalised product video is an example of such a video.

WooCommerce Product Customization Video

We all think what would it be like if we were the ones who ran the world and what changes would we make to make it better, keep what we like and remove what we don’t. Well, WooCommerce let’s you do just that(with your bought products, not the world). WooCommerce AddOns lets you personalise your chosen products depending upon their simplicity and variability. The product customization video will describe in brief how WooCommerce helps online stores with personalizing products.

HelloSofas Product Customization Video

From traditional to contemporary, from suede to fabric, from standard to made-to-measure, HelloSofas.com lets you choose from wide variety of distinct and diverse sofas for your comfort. Now wherever you are, you will always be in your comfort zone. The animated product customization video will summarize the services and categories of sofas within the range.

With the above product customization video examples, it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are planning to develop these product customization videos, a good start is to develop a brief of what can be the tone and style for your product customization videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids create custom product customization videos based on your brief. With a complete video production services plan at a fixed price, our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having created 1200 plus explainers for businesses, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what your company plans to create for the next product customization video requirement.

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