20 Excellent Company Promotional Video Examples

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These company promotion examples showcase the various types of promotional videos companies have used to advertise and market themselves irrespective of the industry they belong to. Company promotional videos are effective, engaging & informative enough to explain & promote their services and products.

In this article we look at 20 company promotion examples that are inspirational and we can learn from them. Watch these company promotional examples to get ideas for promoting your business offering. Here we go :

Navara Company Promo Video
Category : Application Management Company Promotion Example

Navara is a leading mobile application management company that enables secure access to enterprise apps on mobile devices. It provides service to companies in the financial sector, the health sector, and government agencies. The company promo video shows how Navara transforms businesses and takes them to the next level.

Konami Company Promo Video
Category : Entertainment Company Promotion Example

Konami Holdings Corporation is a Japanese entertainment company. It operates as a product distributor, which produces and distributes trading cards, video game developer and publisher company. Konami’s company promo video takes you through the journey of how it started and how it has become a milestone in the entertainment industry.

QURE Company Promo Video
Category : Healthcare Company Promotion Example

QURE Healthcare is a results driven research and consulting firm committed to furthering health care quality. They use its proprietary technology, clinical performance variation vignettes, to provide data and analysis on the quality of clinical care for life sciences and medical technology companies. The company promo video shows how QURE Healthcare provides the quality of healthcare, standardize practice, and lower cost services.

Onlife Health Company Promotional Video
Category : Healthcare Company Promo Example

With a track record of proven results, Onlife Health can help your members stay healthy with our wellness solutions. It is a comprehensive wellness solutions company. Providing you insights as well as proven success to engage your members, create a culture of health, and a seamless wellness solution. The company promotional video is compact and covers many areas of company promotional wellness program offered by Onlife Health.

FGV Company Promotional Video
Category : Agribusiness Company Promotion Example

Felda Global Ventures holdings berhad (FGV) is Malaysia’s leading global agribusiness and is the world’s largest producer of crude palm oil (CPO). The company operates in more than 10 countries across Asia, North America and Europe. Its sustained success and achievements can only come from respect for people as well as the environment, which is the main source of their business. The company promotional video talks about the effective outlook of FGV.

Comcast Company Promo Video
Category : Telecommunication Company Promotion Example

Comcast Business offers scalable voice, internet and data services for businesses of all sizes. It explains how businesses have evolved in the way they use the internet and data, but how the network is outdated. The company promo video shows how Comcast Business highlights the transforming landscape of connectivity and the idea behind using faster network.

Trippeo Company Promotional Video
Category : Travel and Expense Company Promotion Example

Trippeo is an expense and travel management solution that streamlines business trips with corporate travel management. Trippeo automates the expense process and offers a modern way to book business trips with an easy, mobile-first approach. The company promotional video shows how Trippeo is as good for your team as it is for your business when it comes to travel management.

Ipsen Company Promo Video
Category : Pharmaceutical Innovations Company Promotion Example

Ipsen is a global specialty-driven biopharmaceutical group focused on innovation and specialty care. It develops and commercializes innovative medicines in three key therapeutic areas – Oncology, Neurosciences and Rare Diseases. The company promo video highlights how efficient Ipsen’s healthcare services are.

Hitachi Company Promotional Video
Category : Consultancy Company Promotion Example

We have all heard of Hitachi in some way or the other! Hitachi Consulting is a catalyst for positive business change, propelling organizations to accelerate market disruption and drive digital transformation. It helps customers innovate faster, establish new revenue streams, and respond to global dynamics with insight and agility. The company promotional video showcases how Hitachi Consulting creates solutions that helps maximize operational efficiency.

AIG Company Promotional Video
Category : Insurance Company Promotion Example

From product recalls and equipment breakdown to third-party liability, a business operating in today’s global supply chain faces many challenges. AIG helps you understand your potential, risk exposure and customize a coverage solution to protect your customers, your supply chain, and your bottom line. The company promotional video gives an overview of AIG’s Product Liability Services.

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Dnata Company Promo Video
Category : Logistic Company Promotion Example

Dnata (styled as dnata, Dubai National Air Transport Association) is one of the largest suppliers of combined air services in the world offering aircraft handling, cargo, travel, and flight catering services across five continents. With a global footprint of 37 countries, dnata employs over 20,000 employees for its operations worldwide. The company promo video effectively gives a brief idea of what dnata does.

Experis Company Promo Video
Category : Workforce Solution Company Promotion Example

Experis specializes in placing top talent in IT, Finance, Engineering, and other industries. They achieve this through their deep industry knowledge and an unmatched understanding of human potential. The company promo video shows how Experis connects people to jobs, training and tools that enable them to support themselves, build a sense of pride and contribute to the community.

Jsoor Company Promotional Video
Category : IT Solution Company Promotion Example

Jsoor Solutions as an information technology company provides consulting services to organizations serving investors in five affluent segments. The company helps clients manage structural change, expand markets, improve operating efficiency and increase profits. The company promotional video gives an overview of the effective, reliable and high quality solutions provided by Jsoor.

Albertsons Company Promotional Video
Category : Food Company Promotion Example

Albertsons is one of the largest food and drug retailers in the United States. It provides the best customer service by working hard for the customers, and giving them the products they want, at a fair price. To know how Albertsons converts customer satisfaction to business success, watch the company promotional video.

UL Transaction Security Company Promo Video
Category : Transaction Security Company Promotion Example

UL is the global leader in safeguarding security, compliance, and global interoperability.For more than a century, UL has been one of the most recognized and trusted resources for advancing safety. Its Transaction Security division guides companies within the mobile, payments, and transit domains through the complex world of electronic transactions. UL’s people proactively collaborate with industry players to define robust standards and policies. The company promo video shows how UL Transaction brings global expertise to your local needs.

Waste Management Company Promo Video
Category : Environmental Company Promotion Example

Waste Management is North America’s leading provider of integrated environmental solutions. They partner with our customers and communities to manage and reduce waste from collection to disposal while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy. The company promo video takes you on a tour of a Material Recovery Facility or “MRF”, highlighting some of the standard technology used and the importance of recycling.

Axens Company Promotional Video
Category : Energy Company Promotion Example

goFLUENT offers value-oriented and customized language training solutions to ensure that goals are met and that results are optimal. goFLUENT’s fully-integrated blended learning solutions combine effective trainers, innovative technology and client-centric services to add more value for learners, thus maximizing the return on investment faster than any other method. The company promotional video shows how goFLUENT has helped employees of all English levels and job functions improve their communication skills.

PARDA Company Promo Video
Category : Marketing Company Promotion Example

PARDA is an IT & Development firm with a keen understanding of the digital world as well as a thoughtful approach to online brand positioning and optimisation.They offer a plethora of services like Responsive Web Design; Mobile Application Development; Cloud-based Software Development, Design and Branding, IT Consultation, Digital Marketing Campaigns; SEO; SMM; and much more as shown in company promo video.

Trustnet Company Promotional Video
Category : Management Company Promotion Example

Trusnet is a platform for businesses to register and connect with other businesses and suppliers. It helps to approach new service providers and producers and also manages their performance, legal documents and other requirements. Through this connectivity, it aims to provide a secure platform to businesses to manage their operations. The company promotional video shows how Trusnet can help providers to securely extend their services.

Intelice Company Promotional Video
Category : IT Support Company Promotion Example

Intelice solutions provides trusted IT support and consulting services for small and medium sized organizations. They take care of company’s day to day IT needs with their expertise and help them put strategic plans for the success. The company promotional video shows how they help organizations with their IT services.


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Key takeaways from the above video examples are :

  • Build a strong creative brief
  • Find a reference video or combine multiple video elements from different sources
  • Work with a company that can understand your video production requirement easily

With the above company promotional video examples it is evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand company promotions are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting stuff in company promotional videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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