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‘Bazaar’, a permanently enclosed marketplace or street where goods and services are exchanged or sold. A word of persian origin, today it has found its place in the vocabulary of the many international and local dialects and is known to relatively any and every person. Today’s advancement in technology has helped the world, shrunk it down to the palm of our hand and allowed the brick and mortar bazaars to go global through Online Marketplaces.

With online marketplaces, service providers have gained a much larger audience to attract and goods have gotten better admirers who can satisfy their needs via quality products. The businesses also have a way to reach a global audience and customers get better options than they would have gotten through local means.

In this article we look at 20 Online Marketplace Video Marketing examples that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own Online Marketplace offering. Here we go :

Ebay Online Marketplace Video

With age comes experience and with experience comes wisdom. As we grow old, we let go and move on, but the stuff we collected over years either gets broken or stuffed in the store-room collecting dust. No more, EBay allows consumer to hold a garage sale, but instead of in the garage it’s online and instead of just neighbours, it’s whole world. Now buy and sell any new or old stuff of your choice and style from anyone, vendor or otherwise. The informative online marketplace video describes EBay’s c2c, b2c and many more features regarding online buying and selling.


RainFin Online Marketplace Video

Whenever we are tight on our budget or in need of emergency cash, we go to the people we know and trust. RainFin is an online marketplace for lenders where one can safely, quickly and cheaply borrow from or lend to people. As a community principal, borrowers can borrow for conditions a lot better that traditional lenders and loan markets and can benefit better interest and lower fees. The online marketplace video details the working of RainFin as an online marketplace.


Alibaba B2B Online Marketplace Video

A b2b online marketplace, Alibaba has successfully introduced the world to the small businesses and vice-versa. Now businesses whose reach was once limited to the local communities are now able to conduct trade on international platform and are gaining an enormous success. By connecting small manufacturers to big businesses, Alibaba has cut out the middle-man and clients and vendors can communicate directly without any trouble. The 3d online marketplace video narrates the success story of Alibaba since its establishment in brief.


Pepperfry Online Marketplace Video

Gone are the days when you had to go to the store to buy exotic furniture and had to pay extensively and settle for whatever limited options present. Hello Pepperfry! An online furniture marketplace that gives numerous options from different vendors and stores with competitive price without leaving the comfort of the home. Now buy the furniture that suits your home and lifestyle without worrying about quality. The online marketplace video introduces consumers to ease with which they can buy the furniture online.


Kala Online Marketplace Video

Ever wanted something too much but had to wait for a sale because it was too expensive or had an idea to what you wanted but couldn’t find it because you keep getting wrong or unrelated suggestions? Kala, an online marketplace that puts its customer incharge. You control what you are buying, from who you are buying and for how much. The online marketplace video advertises to customer about them being in charge with no more sales, no more fixed prices and no more waiting.


Zoogol Online Marketplace Video

Ever heard of the story of lumberjack who dropped his axe in a deep pond and in return got a gold and silver axe? If yes good, if not, well you know how it ends. Not everyday one gets that sweet a deal right? Wrong! With Zoogol it’s possible with every deal. When buying from Zoogol, you get a cashback 111% by becoming a micro partner and sharing the concept of 111% cashback with your friends. With every new friend added you get a cash back till it reaches 111% of the product you bought. The online marketplace video describes the Zoogol and its cashback in detail and encourages customers to join in.


Sears Online Marketplace Video

There are two sides to every coin. In one of the interpretations, there are advantages and disadvantages to every method. With brick and mortar market one can simply visit the nearest store and buy what we need immediately but we are limited by options. With online marketplace one can get a lot of options but won’t get them at a moment’s notice. Sears bridges this gap by providing buying options like web2store, store2home & personal shoppers to customers. The online marketplace video explains these buying options and other features in detail.


Listia Online Marketplace Video

The earliest form of business that is known in human civilization was called barter system, where one community traded its resources with other community for their resources, say wheat for wool clothes. With today’s technology the barter system might be making a comeback with Listia an online marketplace, though not in the same way. If you have any of the old junk that is lying unused, you can sell it on Listia for the highest bid and use that money to buy new stuff that you really wanted. This way you got rid of the old stuff and bought new stuff without spending any of your own money. The online marketplace video describes the working of Listia and its advantages.


Sixteenpix Online Marketplace Video

Join the club, an idiom which blatantly signifies that one understands the other’s problem and can’t help much. Well SixteenPix is a solution to such a problem. SixteenPix is an online marketplace for designers by designers. It allows designers to shop for distinct and different raw images, formats and templates to create their own work of art and cutting the hassle of making their own raw material. The online marketplace video allows designers to buy and sell their work to other designers and help each other out in the process.


GreenHands Online Marketplace Video

One can always lend a hand by making small choices to make large difference. If you are a contractor looking for building material or a excavator who has lots of recyclable and reusable building material, register yourself in GreenHands. GreenHands is an online marketplace for recycling excavation, construction & demolition waste and salvaged goods. GreenHands includes a directory of businesses who can take your construction & demolition waste and salvaged goods in your local area or has the recycled building materials and salvaged goods you need. The online marketplace video shows GreenHands as a social enterprise established to recycling of building materials and more.


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Hungry JPEG Online Marketplace Video

As an artist, one never stops to create something new. But what happens to those that has already been created? Hello HungryJPEG! An online marketplace that allows all your work to be displayed and ready to sold. Now one can sell their work and get profit from every time something gets sold. It also helps track the sales and makes payment regularly. The online marketplace video the working and benefits of using HUngryJPEG.


Flipkart Online Marketplace Video

As a business, it’s required to make more sale and to make more sale one must attract attention of the new customer and gain the loyalty of the old. Flipkart an online marketplace, helps businesses grow by reaching new customers online and by sending right messages to the existing ones. With ever increasing no. of people online flipkart will open a whole new alley for business growth. The online marketplace video shows how selling is made easy on Flipkart online marketplace.


Tradescaper Online Marketplace Video

An online marketplace that helps business with increasing sales, verification of buyers and sellers and provides with significantly important data analytics. Tradescraper is a b2b online marketplace for businesses. It’s a way of connecting businesses around the world and to create a network within to trade services and skills. The online marketplace video describes Tradescraper’s effort to create a social media for businesses.


InstantPHR Online Marketplace Video

“When did you last visited a hospital and why?” Ever tried answering this question properly that is asked with every visit to the hospital? How would it be that you not only had the answer to that particular question right in the palm of your hand, but your doctor actually knows this answer and doesn’t need to ask? InstantPHR® online marketplace is an online patient portal solution that gives patients access to their complete medical record anytime, anywhere. It also keeps all their doctors in the loop and helps to generate a summary of patient’s overall health.


BrandSupply Online Marketplace Video

We all know how a contest works, we send parameters and needs and participants sends the final output. The winner gets a reward. Now imagine all this happening but for your logo or any other graphics design project. That’s right, BrandSupply is an online marketplace that hosts competition for your graphics design project. You get to choose from hundreds of ideas and you only need to pay for the one you liked. The online marketplace video introduces this idea and explains the function of BrandSupply in the process.


Health Gorilla Online Marketplace Video

One doesn’t become a doctor to manage paperwork, but that is the reality of many private clinics where the doctor orders tests after tests and then has to wait for the results to get back and then putting them in the right patient folder, it’s not only a waste of time and resources, it’s just wrong. Heath Gorilla is here to right that wrong. Health Gorilla is an healthcare online marketplace, so doctors can check-up on other laboratories in area communicate and categories the lab results and check-up patients without wasting anytime and less paperwork. The health-care online marketplace video advertises these said features and many more advantages of using Health Gorilla.


Swapple Online Marketplace Video

Ever borrowed sugar from your neighbour, or maybe their lawn-mower because your’s is broken? Well Swapple is just the same, only not your neighbour but an entire community. Swapple is a local online marketplace to sell, buy or trade merchandise of your choosing. The online marketplace video describes the hassle-free way to conduct business without worry for the safety.


ReDigi Online Marketplace Video

We sell our IPods, PCs, bicycle, even car, but what about the stuff like songs and music in our virtual drive that is taking too much space. Delete them? No! We paid for them and just deleting them is waste of that money, then what to do? Introducing ReDigi, a digital media online marketplace that lets you sell pre-owned digital music. It is a way to keep your music library fresh with songs you actually listen. The online marketing video elaborates the features and convenience of using Redigi.


Skipso Online Marketplace Video

Ever had a moment when you see a fellow who sees the world you do? Shares your ideas, beliefs and thought process? Skipso is the first online marketplace where supply and demand for cleantech solutions meet. Skipso leverages the power of the Internet by connecting right businesses to the right solution to accelerate the cleantech revolution. The online marketplace video describes the importance of Skipso in cleantech revolution.


StoreBeez Online Marketplace Video

Just like a brick and mortar malls that consists of small scale businesses, StoreBeez is an online marketplace that acts as a virtual mall. StoreBeez allows small businesses and artisans to open free online store and provides free marketing to help them grow. The online marketplace video describes the process of registering a new store in StoreBeez online marketplace.


With the above online marketplace video examples, it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are planning to develop these online marketplace videos, a good start is to develop a brief of what can be the tone and style for your online marketplace videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids create custom online marketplace videos based on your brief. With a complete video production services plan at a fixed price, our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having created 1200 plus explainers for businesses, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what your company plans to create with for the next online marketplace video requirement.

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