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3D Animated VideoPerformance management allows you to tap the full potential of your staff. In short, it can be described as a comprehensive process starting from monitoring and developing the desired traits to rating their progress and rewarding them for their achievements. Companies that have a well structured performance management system yield higher profits. With software and solutions available for performance management review, implementation and more, accomplishing & measuring the impact is now possible.

There are many performance management programs and software available to choose from. Performance management software & solution providers are evolving their marketing by using videos to communicate value and educate new customers. Video marketing is increasingly being used by performance management software to market their solutions.

In this article we look at 20 Video Marketing examples from performance management software and solutions that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own performance management solution. Here we go :

Synergita Performance Management Video

Synergita is a cloud-based, Continuous HR Performance Management Software. Synergita focuses on affordable solutions for performance management in every organization. performance management is the biggest challenge to HR and Synergita platform meets this challenge with their dynamic solutions.The cloud performance management video shows how Synergita brings performance management closer to people and closer to business.

IBM Application Performance Management Video

The IBM Performance Management portfolio provides visibility, control and automation of your mission-critical applications. For most of your environments, their solutions help you pinpoint the root cause of your application issue more quickly and resolve the problem. The overview video shows how IBM’s Performance management solution enhances the ability to ensure optimal application performance.

CYDAS Performance Cloud Video

CYDAS’s performance cloud offers HR and performance management platform to empower all employees. It has two interfaces to provide distinct functions for HR and/or management and for other employees that allows engaging and empowering employees, leading to maximizing potential of them and your organization. The performance management video shows how CYDAS’s performance platform offers is an all in one platform to support your HR.

Prophix Corporate Performance Management Video

Prophix develops Corporate Performance Management software that integrates financial budgeting, planning, reporting, forecasting, consolidation, analytics, scorecards and dashboards in a single, unified application budgeting software tool. The performance management software video highlights how Prophix offers reliable performance management solutions for Corporates.

Saba Performance Management System Video

Saba performance@Work is a performance management system that helps you plan for success. It delivers performance reviews with calibration, writing assistance and compliance check and helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of talent with 360-degree and social feedback.It leverages talent and process reports and dashboards to identify areas of focus. The performance management system video shows how Saba Performance@Work increases engagement while giving people the tools they need to understand your business plan and their role in its success.

Thousand Eye Cloud Performance Management Video

Thousand Eye’s performance management software provides detailed visibility into the performance of cloud applications and helps IT teams resolve performance problems quickly. The cloud performance management video shows how Thousand Eye software provides with the unique ability to understand complex network issues that impact the performance of a customer’s’ applications.

Impraise Performance Management Video

Impraise is a online and mobile employee performance management solution. Impraise helps employees progress receiving actionable feedback. For this, Impraise provides teams with access to feedback at any time, such as after a project, a meeting or team events. Provided when it is most helpful, useful feedback uncovers concrete steps for improvement. The animated performance management video shows how Impraise helps maintain a culture of ownership and makes each employee feel like they have a role to play in the company’s success.

Pulse Performance Management System Video

Pulse is Labour Solutions Australia ‘s free Performance Management System that allows you to assess your workforce. Pulse allows you to develop a strategic approach with your business’ specific needs in mind by delivering customised, real time information on the performance of your entire workforce. Through the Live dashboard you can identify and reward top performers, create and manage action plans and Identify performance trends. The cloud based technology also tracks staff turnover, unplanned absenteeism and everything you need to take back the performance management of the workforce. The performance management video shows how Pulse significantly reduces operational and administrative burden that is generally related to managing the performance of a workforce.

uReview Online Performance Management Video

uReview is a online performance management system that gives employers an online and application based capability to create and distribute employee appraisals, employee engagement surveys, and client surveys to a wide and varied audience. There is benefit for employees and employers as they are more in touch with their performance, and better able to express or understand their enjoyment or concerns of the business. Because it’s cloud-based, you can access uReview on any device at any time, from your desktop, your tablet or smartphone; making uReview transferrable across many industry sectors. The online performance management video shows uReview’s interactive HR tool allows the organisation to set the bar for performance and monitor KPIs on a company, department and individual level.

Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management Video

Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management offers intelligent business and financial performance management capabilities, so you can drive your overall business performance more effectively. With Infor, you can have greater insight, so you can make more informed decisions across your enterprise. The Enterprise Performance Management video shows how Infor Dynamics provides Unprecedented insight into your business.

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Talentia Performance Software Video

Talentia’s Corporate Performance Management software is a flexible HR system that takes advantage of web and workflow technologies to streamline and improve the complete performance management process, from setting and agreeing performance goals and development activities to administering employee appraisals and performance reviews. This way, HR administration is reduced, the flow of information is improved and everyone has more time to focus on the performance conversation. The performance management software video shows how Talentia is making performance management processes easier to manage and much more transparent.

Ramco HCM Performance Management Video

Ramco HCM on Cloud is a global HR & performance management solution that covers your organization’s human capital management needs from hire to retire.It provides with Processes such as Competency Maps,Time Management, multiple Employee Assignment, Recruitment, and Training present users with an opportunity to use a framework of logically linked processes that help them bridge the gap between demand and supply of skilled Human Resources. The HCM performance management video shows how Ramco HCM empowers an organization by facilitating easy movement of human resources to where they are required.

Aspireview Performance Management Video

Aspireview system is a unique Enterprise Performance, performance and Project Management Solution. Its powerful dashboard tool enables it to operate throughout all parts of an organisation to build a performance culture from operational teams to the Executive team. The Aspireview performance management video shows how Aspireview removes the existing overheads of data collection and reporting and enable intelligence-driven decision making.

Performance Culture Cloud Video

Performance Culture is a cloud performance management app that helps leaders achieve high performance & create a great workplace. Performance Culture replaces traditional, ineffective performance appraisals with a web-based system focused on coaching and developing high performers. The performance management video familiarizes you to a system that will help in improving results amongst employees.

Eltel’s Performance Management Video (CRPM)

Competency and Readiness Performance System(CRPM) is an advanced Decision Support system based on advanced methodology that supports the mission of the organization through the use of models. The system supports the planning process and performs the actual monitoring of the performance, to bring operational effectiveness. The performance management system video shows how decision making can be made simpler by building a suitable methodology with the use of CRPM system.

Elmo’s Performance Management Video

‘Performance’ is a performance management system hosted by Elmo. Pre-written performance template library, multi device compatibility and customised reports are some of the features provided by Elmo’s Performance. The performance management solution video talks about evaluating and monitoring progress through comprehensive tools with the help of Elmo’s performance management.

MIMO Performance Management Video

MiMo is operational performance management software, designed to analyse and present information in a way that allows the supply chain team to make informed decisions. MIMO identifies only the minimum data that is required to generate the best information, ensuring inputs are simple and easy to complete. The performance management software video narrates a story about the invention of MIMO and how it enables to bridge the financial and operational performances.

Predict360 Performance Management Video

Predict360’s Performance Management System is a licensable standalone web-based application and can be part of an integrated regulatory change management, audit, incident, policy, procedures, competency and learning management solution. Using cloud-based technology, it enables managers to target employee performance and align employee activities with organizational strategy. The automated performance management video highlights how it can help increase productivity of a company stating that Predict360 helps in achieving the same.

CEB’s Performance Management Solution Video

CEB’s solutions help companies experience their full potential of their performance management system. They design a strategy to align with the organisational goals and provide the tools and training to teach and motivate the team. The CEB performance management video explains how adopting a suitable performance management tool can work wonders for a company.

HRMSoft Performance Management Solution Video

HRMSoft provides a cloud based solution for managing the workforce performance. The solution enables the managers to extract the best performance out of the team and ensuring that the employees are rewarded. The cloud performance management video shows how tracking performance of managers and employees can be an easy task with the help HRMSoft’s performance management solution.

A performance management software & solutions can create the following videos :

  • Platform Overview Video
  • Product / Feature Videos
  • 2D & 3D Animated Explainer Videos
  • Getting Started / Intro Videos
  • Sales & Marketing Videos
  • Youtube Promo / Teaser Videos
  • Business Use Case Study Videos
  • How To Videos

With the above performance management software & solution video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand performance management platforms, systems and tools are continuously evolving and is an emerging segment, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting in performance management videos, if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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