20 Brilliant Debit Card Video Examples

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We use debit and credit cards everywhere from local stores to online. Visit a bank for financial transaction is declining at a rapid pace, with everything online and available on a car it truly save us time and effort.

Debit card providers like banks, credit unions etc face a tough battle to win new customers over others, as the choices are plenty in the market. Video marketing is seemingly being used by major financial institutions to drive awareness and inform new prospects about their debit card offering.

In this article we look at 20 Brilliant Debit Card Video Examples that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for marketing your own debit card offering. Here we go :

My Optimum Prepaid Debit Card Video

My Optimum Prepaid Card offers easy budgeting and control over your finances as you can only spend what you load onto the card, plus the card isn’t linked to your bank account so you can have total peace of mind when shopping online or over the phone. The debit card video shows how Optimum card is a contactless prepaid card to keep you in control of your money.

Maybank Visa Debit Card Video

Maybank Visa Debit card lets you withdraw cash at ATMs and make direct debit purchases at VISA accepted outlets. You can shop at several Visa accepted outlets worldwide and use it as your ATM card to withdraw cash locally and overseas. For Overseas withdrawal & purchases, they activates your Overseas flag via Maybank2u or ATM. The debit card video demonstrates how Maybank debit card acts as a smart move towards financial planning and spending.

HDFC Debit Card Video

Enjoy cashless, worry-free shopping, in stores and online with HDFC Bank’s Platinum Debit Card. Ask your HDFC branch to help you customise your daily shopping limits and then there is no need to withdraw cash for your shopping any more. THe HDFC platinum debit card is a Chip+PIN card activated for International & Domestic Usage. The whiteboard debit card video shows how the Platinum Debit Card by HDFC is cheaper than cash.

MyVanilla Debit Card Video

The MyVanilla debit card gives you spending flexibilty all over the world while keeping your account safely and conveniently at your fingertips. You can automatically load your payroll, government benefits or tax refund onto your MyVanilla Card. With this debit card, you don’t have to worry about check-cashing fees or standing in long lines on payday. The animated debit card video explains how you can use MyVanilla to make money management simple by helping you track spending, monitor expenses and more.

ANZ Visa Debit Card Video

ANZ Visa Debit Card gives you the convenience of shopping online and the accessibility to funds in your account whilst travelling overseas. With the debit card service. You are also protected with ANZ Falcon and the ANZ Fraud Money Back Guarantee that is ideal for your online shopping. The debit card video displays how you can get a Visa Debit card with an ANZ Access Advantage account.

BIBD Debit Card Video

Do away with the hassle of paying with cash and simply use BIBD Debit Card to make payments directly from your BIBD account. You will be rewarded for every spending with your Card. The Card is accepted worldwide at over 36 million merchants and 2 million ATMs including online transactions. Shop online with confidence as your Card is protected with an additional layer of online shopping security with the MasterCard SecureCode. Enjoy yearlong and seasonal discounts through their exclusive offers from a wide variety of merchants locally through the BIBD Treats and Delights. The animated debit card video shows how with BIBD’s debit card you can spend and handle your money according to your convenience.

The Cadence Bank Debit Card Video

The Cadence Bank Debit Card saves you money on credit card interest charges. The Cadence Bank Debit Card is available at no additional charge with any personal checking account. Purchases are automatically deducted from your personal checking account, so this convenient, reliable and internationally accepted payment method also ensures that all your debit card purchases are listed on your monthly checking statements, helping you stay on budget and in control. The animated debit card video describes Cadence Bank’s enhanced debit card program backed by the strength of discover.

ING Direct’s Orange Everyday Debit Card Video

With ING Direct’s Orange Everyday debit card you’ll have easy and convenient access to your money with no ING DIRECT account keeping fees. You can use every ATM in for free no matter the amount or who it’s operated by. There are $0 monthly fees, so there’s more in your pocket for life’s incidentals. The debit card video shows how with Orange Everyday debit card you can leave your wallet at home and pay the easy way with ING DIRECT.

My Travel Cash Prepaid Debit Card Video

The my travel cash prepaid debit Card is issued by Wirecard Card Solutions (“WDCS”) pursuant to licence by MasterCard. WDCS is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to conduct electronic money service activities. With this card you can receive payments through the US Payment Service. A US account and routing number linked to your card, will allow you to receive US ACH/Direct Deposit transfers from select US corporations, including PayPal, Amazon, Apple and more. The prepaid debit card video highlights all the major services provided by my travel cash.

Sarmayeh Debit Card Video

A debit card with Sarmayeh enables you to withdraw cash from ATMs, transfer money between accounts or to other cards, pay bills, or buy from retail outlets connected to the Shetab system. Issued on savings or current accounts upon request, their debit card lets you withdraw cash from ATMs with daily withdrawal limits. You can move money to other cards on Sarmayeh accounts online or by using an ATM. The debit card video highlights the benefits of Sarmayeh Bank’s new debit cards and how it works.

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Visa Debit Card Video

Visa is a multinational financial services corporation that works in facilitating electronic funds transfers across the world, through Visa branded debit cards. Visa doesn’t issue these cards. When you get a Visa debit card, you’re essentially getting a Visa branded card from a financial institution that has chosen to partner with Visa. The 2D debit card video explains exactly what a VISA Debit Card is and how you can benefit from it.

Navia Health Care FSA Debit Card Video

The Navia Health Care FSA Card is a Debit MasterCard that allows you to access your benefit funds directly. Instead of paying out-of-pocket and waiting for a reimbursement, whenever you use the card, you pay for your purchase using the funds in your benefit. You’ll be able to use the debit card at any merchant using the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS) and at any medical providers who use the MasterCard system. You can also use the debit card at any 90% rule merchants. The debit card video shows how to use the Health Care FSA debit card efficiently.

ICICI Debit Card Video

Using the ICICI debit card is fast and easy. Access your funds 24/7 and make purchases at millions of locations worldwide that accept Visa/MasterCard. Your debit card is secured by a 4 digit PIN for transactions at retail outlets, and at ATMs, and a 6 digit 3D secure password for online transactions which make the card secure from any fraudulent usage. Your ICICI Bank Debit Card comes with immense benefits in the form of offers on shopping, dining, online usage, endless reward points on transactions, Insurance and much more. The animated debit card video shows how with ICICI’s debit card you can pay for anything from anywhere.

Worldcore Prepaid Debit Card Video

Worldcore prepaid debit card is loaded with funds from Worldcore payment account or any bank account. It is cost-effective and provides instant payout solution and has mobile solutions for their card holders. The prepaid debit card video talks about how Worldcore prepaid debit card is an industry-leading multipurpose payment solution that is completely suitable for both business and personal use.

Engage Debit Card Video

Engage is a leading banking and payments platform exclusively for the credit union market. They provide credit unions with a holistic package, from contactless Visa debit cards for personal, business and junior members to the latest payments software. The debit card video shows how Engage credit union debit cards help you to pay bills and shop online easily.

CBZ Debit Card Video

The CBZ ATM/POS Debit Card provides you safe & secure easy access to cash on ATMs, cash back facilities. You can obtain the pre-printed application form from any CBZ Bank, complete and submit to any CBZ Bank Branch nearest to you for processing. The New Business team at their E-Banking & Card Services Department is on hand to assist you with any further requirements. The animated debit card video portrays how CBZ gives safe and secure payment options.

Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard Debit Card Video

The Payoneer prepaid MasterCard debit card enables professionals and businesses to easily withdraw or spend their funds, from anywhere in the world.Fully integrated with their mass payout services, the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard debit card payment option will reduce the time and money spent on transferring funds to your beneficiaries worldwide. The animated debit card video shows how Payoneer gives you the freedom to access your funds immediately from anywhere in the world.

Equity Auto Branch Debit Card Video

With the equity autobranch debit card you can pay for goods and services at Merchant outlets such as Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, etc. The Autobank MasterCard branded cards are internationally accepted for purchases at Shops or Outlets and websites that accept MasterCard, as well as for cash withdrawal at ATMs that accept MasterCard. You can Access information and service your bank account and also access details about your temporary overdraft facility. The animated debit card video shows how it caters to needs of their customers by providing them with safe and secure payment solutions.

Allahabad Bank Debit Card Video

The Allahabad Bank Debit Card is a PIN based card that gives electronic access to your Bank account with Allahabad Bank. The Card allows you to make purchase at Merchant Establishments across India and abroad and also gives you the freedom to withdraw cash from any Allahabad bank/VISA/Mastercard/NFS Member Bank ATMs in India and abroad. The card can also be used to perform online purchases, such as E-com transactions. The debit card video depicts how you can make transactions and payments wherever you go, without having cash in your wallet.

Pouch Debit card Video

Pouch provides fastest way to create a prepaid virtual debit card for children and teenagers. It is designed to help and encourage them to manage their money safely, allowing them instant access to their real time balance and transaction history. Parents can monitor where their children spend and distribute pocket money instantly through the Pouch app. The animated debit card video showcases how it offers independence over money control and understand their money better to teenagers.

A debit card provider can create the following videos :

  • Debit Card Overview Video
  • Debit Card Brand Video
  • Debit Card Animated Explainer Video
  • Debit Card Marketing Video
  • Debit Card Promotional Video
  • Youtube Teaser Videos
  • Business Use case Study Videos
  • Debit Card How To Videos

With the above debit card video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids understand how financial companies are continuously evolving their debit card offering, with a lot of transformations happening now and many more to follow in future. Lets use the power of videos to get your word out. We will be scanning the web to find more new and interesting debit card videos , if you have something to share do reach out to us.

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