20 Brilliant Advertising Campaign Video Examples

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Consumers just don’t buy products and services, they buy concepts and these concepts are delivered or portrayed with the help of brand image ie the impression of a product held by real or potential consumers.

An advertising campaign is a series of advertisement messages that share a single idea and theme which make up an integrated marketing communication. Advertising Campaign Examples brings out the brand image of the product and presents it in a unique and eye-catching manner. A good brand image will help the brand to get new customers and retain brand loyalty.

In this article we look at 20 brilliant advertising campaign videos from different fields of work. Watch these videos to get idea how the big players in the market are doing it.

Nestle NIDO Advertising Campaign
Category : Food and Beverages Advertising Campaign Example

Nestle’s TV campaign for the NIDO Fortigrow might seem like another recycled “there’s no love like a mother’s love” sentiment to toss onto the cliché pile. NIDO is a range of powdered milks manufactured by Nestlé. The range claims to offer “nutrition solutions for each stage of childhood”. But the Nido Fortigrow campaign video gives the familiar father, mother and child theme, a fresh twist by slipping a heart-tugging message: A mom’s sacrifice.

Oreo Wonderfilled Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Food and Beverages Advertising Campaign Example

Oreo encouraged consumers to look at the cookie a little differently. Now, with its new Wonderfilled campaign out of the Martin Agency, the brand wants them to see the rest of the world with a new sense of awe. Oreo debuted a highly cheery, animated 90-second spot set to a catchy twee track showing how historically morbid figures, the Big Bad Wolf, a blood-sucking vampire, take a turn for the bright, with the help of the classic creme-centered cookie. The advertising campaign video is a great way to position Oreo in a unique spotlight, making it your partner in celebration.

Danone Nature 2020 Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Food and Beverages Advertising Campaign Example

Danone adopted an Environmental Charter in 1996 and defined a ten-year plan and objectives in 2000. The group boosted its efforts in 2008 by setting the goal of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in its direct scope of responsibility by 30% in five years, a goal that was surpassed at the end of 2012. Danone has today identified four key focus areas for their engagements looking ahead to 2020: climate, water, packaging and agriculture. The advertising campaign video explains Danone’s journey and achievements making it more environment and consumer friendly.

Moto G Advertising Video
Category : Smart Phone Advertising Campaign Example

The all new Moto G is everything you want in a phone. It’s water resistant, customizable and has an all day battery and 13 MP quick capture camera. And with a Pure Android experience, it delivers unrivaled performance. The 3D advertising campaign video shows how Moto G is truly the phone that’s always there for you.

Toyota Turning Point Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Automotive Manufacturer Advertising Campaign Example

Just in time for the UN summit on climate change, Toyota released its latest Turning Point campaign teaser for its fuel cell vehicles.In this beautifully animated advertising campaign video, three-dimensional renderings illustrate a rather grave voice over actor’s words. The car company calls upon the environmentally-minded and early adopters of hydrogen fuel cell technology to drive change at the height of the hydrogen fuel propulsion debate.

Bannersnack Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Display Advertising Campaign Example

Bannersnack is the original online banner maker that lets you create static visuals or animated HTML5 banners Ads, smartly and easily. Start from a custom size or grab a standard-size layout from their gallery. Add a background, animate your text and shapes, experiment with different colors and push their banner creator to the limits. The advertising campaign video shows how Bannersnack helps a business create the perfect banner for better marketing strategies.

BeatsX Earphone Video
Category : Consumer Electronics Advertising Campaign Example

Beats by Dr. Dre is a leading audio brand. With consumer premium headphones, earphones and speakers as product lines, Beats leads the premium sound entertainment to a whole new generation. Fit for your life, BeatsX earphones are the perfect wireless companion. With up to 8 hours of battery life and Fast Fuel charging, the video shows how you can experience authentic, clear sound.

Oneplus 3T Midnight Black Video
Category : Smart Phone Advertising Campaign Example

The OnePlus 3T smartphone delivers the best user experience, thanks to the latest hardware upgrades and carefully tested software enhancements. The OnePlus 3T Midnight Black matches the unrelenting power of the OnePlus 3T with a stunning new all-black body. Through a rigorous process the device is imbued with a deep black color that feels like a natural extension of the metal. The advertising campaign video represents Oneplus 3T as a masterclass in smartphone design.

Housing Opens Doors Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Consumer Goods Advertising Campaign Example

Housing Opens Doors is a multi-year campaign to make affordable housing a priority for Ontario. Led by the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA), this advertising campaign video tells a new animated story about affordable housing. A story about the many different benefits of affordable housing.

Inquirly Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Digital Communication Advertising Campaign Example

Inquirly helps you organize your customer touchpoints to encourage meaningful conversations to help your business grow. With a combination of one of a kind technology, data-driven expertise and a world class team, their goal is to save time for businesses through a unique we do it for you model and enable businesses to build relationships to drive customer satisfaction, increase revenues and manage their sales and marketing workflows and the advertising campaign video shows how they do it all at a price that’s just right.

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Mobizio Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Digital Care Planning Advertising Campaign Example

Mobizio enables organisations to replace their paper processes with mobile solutions that work with or without a network connection. Easy to configure, Mobizio can be tailored to specific business needs without requiring any technical knowledge. Mobizio integrates with your existing scheduling, rostering, CRM, PAS and finance systems and works with any smartphone or tablet. The advertising campaign video highlights the main features offered by Mobizio.

WebEngage Advertising Campaign VIdeo
Category : Customer Engagement, Business Advertising Campaign Example

WebEngage is the most powerful customer engagement tool for online businesses, that let’s you collect feedback from visitors, gain awesome customer insights and drive conversions in real-time. WebEngage is a powerful Marketing Cloud for consumer businesses which automates communication and improves retention across users life-cycle. It enables cross-channel user engagement via different channels. The advertising campaign video shows how WebEngage builds enriched user profiles for every single user using your website or mobile app.

BizTalk 360 Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Business Analytics Advertising Campaign Example

BizTalk 360 is an Operations, Monitoring and Analytics software for your BizTalk Server in a single platform. BizTalk360 comes with very sophisticated security mechanism. Customers will be able to control things like providing read-only access, restricting users to certain applications etc. BizTalk360 also audits all the activities performed by the support user. The advertising campaign video shows how you can get total control over your BizTalk environment with BizTalk360.

Primal Studio Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Marketing and Advertising Campaign Example

At Primal Studio, they work alongside you to create a powerful marketing strategy that drives traffic to your site and converts your visitors into paying customers. Their sites are designed to give your visitors a smooth and enjoyable experience from your digital front door to their final destination.All of their websites are conceived with Search Engine Optimization in mind so that your customers can easily find you in the sea of competitors. The advertising campaign video shows how Primal creates breathtaking, conversion-focused websites built to bring you more leads and land more sales.

Liansin’s Haryana Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Food and Beverages Advertising Campaign Example

Liansin has taken a step forward to ensure the rice is scientifically proven to be healthy with HARYANA Healthy Rice. HARYANA Healthy Rice is rich in minerals yet low in fat and sugar. Once cooked, the rice is soft and fluffy, has nice aroma and taste delicious.Liansin has always been known for producing the best quality rice. With the launching of HARYANA Healthy Rice, the advertising campaign video shows how Liansin has put a smile on the faces of all health conscious consumers.

KitKat Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Food and Beverages Advertising Campaign Example

Since 1958, the slogan for the KitKat in the UK and elsewhere has been “Have a break. have a KitKat”. However, in 1995, Nestlé sought to trademark the “Have a break”. KitKat has managed to link the product with happiness with this campaign advertising video, making it a happy choice for customers – enriching the brand image.

Sherwin-Williams Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Paint Manufacturing Advertising Campaign Example

The Sherwin-Williams Company is an American Fortune 500 company in the general building materials industry. In 2015, Sherwin-Williams was recognized as the most used brand as well as the winner for brand familiarity and quality rating in the Paints category by the Builder magazine. The advertisement campaign video takes us to the beauty of the jungle while asking, “where will color take you?’’

Starbucks coffee Advertising campaign video
Category : Food and Beverages Advertising Campaign Example

The superbly famous american coffee house starbucks has never failed to provide its customers with ultimate bliss right from the first sip of coffee. It offers wide range of coffee flavours and some baked savouries. It is a widely appreciated brand all over the world for its high quality coffee beans used. The advertisement campaign video highlights the perfection that goes into making the perfect cup of coffee.

Coca Cola Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Soft Drink Advertising Campaign Example

Coca cola has now become the synonym for happiness. The coca cola soft drink started in the late 19th century by the Coca cola Company, now dominates the world of carbonate drinks. It is no wrong in equating opening of a coca cola bottle with ‘opening happiness’. The campaign advertising video show how coca cola can add the much needed boost in your life.

Cadbury Oreo Advertising Campaign Video
Category : Food and Beverages Advertising Campaign Example

Cadbury, the legendary confectionery company, is prominently known for its silky chocolates. It keeps evolving and coming up with different flavours and varieties. It the second largest brand and every kid’s favourite snack. It now introduced a new flavour ‘dairy milk oreo’. The campaign advertising video introduces the new flavour in a intriguing way by personifying the flavours as characters.


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Key takeaways from the above advertising campaign examples are :

  • Build a strong creative brief
  • Find a reference video or combine multiple video elements from different sources
  • Work with a company that can understand your video production requirement easily

With the above advertising campaigns, it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are planning to develop these videos, a good start is to develop a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids create custom videos based on your brief. With a complete video production services plan at a fixed price, our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having created 1200 plus explainers for businesses, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what your company plans to create with for the next video requirement.

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