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Instructional videos are helpful to guide customers through scenarios and steps in an easy to digest method. These short instructional videos are user friendly can be self served. A well planned instructional video series decrees the customer support cost, for example imagine onboarding and training each customer again & again.

In this article we look at 20 animated Instructional Video Examples that are on the spot. Watch these videos to get ideas for creating instructional videos for your solution. Here we go :

IBX Spend Instructional Video

The IBX Spend Capture Cloud from Capgemini ensures that users buy according to procurement contracts. Capgemini has a unique contract implementation process that leverages the IBX Spend Capture Cloud to link contracts into the operational procurement process, ensuring the supplier catalogues used for ordering are compliant with the supplier contract. This animated instructional video demonstrates the working of the purchase-to-pay platform from Capgemini.

Robins Financial Instructional Video

Robins Financial Credit Union offerers quality financial products and services that help their members save and earn more money. Whether you are opening your first checking account, buying a car, buying a home, or just curious about financial topics, Robins financial credit union is there to help. The 2D animated instructional video shows how they provide the tools you need to make smart financial decisions that will put you on the path to a bright financial future.

Newsbeat Instructional Video

Newsbeat is a real time analytics tool specifically designed for news publishers. A powerful tool for understanding web traffic, Newsbeat also includes some compelling and addictive features that make it stand out from the crowd. Along with decision making data, customized dashboards, charting trends, Newsbeat also works in a sorting through direct traffic. This animated instructional video demonstrates how Newsbeat works, focussing on its powerful real-time traffic analyzer.

Jimdo Instructional Video

Jimdo offers a customizable and easy to use website builder solution that does not require knowledge of coding. It offers a large variety of designs and styles and SEO tools with a mobile app for anywhere modifications. Jimdo enables you to create a professional responsive website, online store or blog in minutes with drag and drop website builder tools. The animated instructional video shows how Jimdo can be used to create stunning website easily.

ING Direct Mobile Banking Instructional Video

The ING Direct Mobile banking app is a user-friendly iPad app for ING DIRECT accounts including transaction, savings, business, home loans and superannuation. You can Choose to check the balances of favourite accounts without logging in and set up user profiles to allow multiple customers to use the same device. It lets you see full transaction history for your accounts, for up to three years. You can Transfer money to linked accounts or Transfer money between your ING Direct accounts and to your linked accounts. The animated instructional video shows how ING has added a fresh touch to mobile banking with new exciting features.

Parts Detect App Instructional Video

Parts Detect is a mobile app that allows automotive repair professionals to find aftermarket and OEM parts within seconds. They provide a platform for sharing your products instantly to industry professionals showing location, warranty, availability and more. Their focus is to optimize speed of sale, accuracy and customer satisfaction. This app instructional video shows how easy it is to get started with Parts Detect.

Trriple Instructional Video

Trriple is a next generation digital payment solution that enables the merchant to charge and accept payments from the consumer using NFC, QR code or Id number. It provides a safe and convenient mobile wallet for all your payments, from everyday payments for consumers, to faster and easier settlements for merchants. The animated instructional video shows how you can easily pay bills, send and receive payments through Trriple.

EastWest Bank Instructional Video

EastWest Bank’s online banking makes paying your bills as easy as a click of the mouse with online bill payments. With this service, you are able to pay your regular payments on time every month – specify the amount of the payment and the processing date and Set up recurring payments. Add payees to, delete payees from, or edit payee information on your personal list of payees. You can view eBills and receive your bills electronically and make payments with EastWest Bank’s online banking option. The instructional video highlights how you can securely check your account history and summary, and complete transfers.

CIBC Instructional Video

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, commonly referred to as CIBC, is one of the Big Five banks in Canada. You can use the CIBC Mobile Banking App to open a new bank account or apply for a CIBC credit card with only your smartphone anytime, anywhere. It is simple, convenient and tailored just for you. The instructional video displays how CIBC is providing banking options that fits your life.

SYSAid IT Instructional Video

SYSAid IT service desk Software offers all the essentials in one place that are needed to manage all your IT support. It helps you get the reports, dashboards and KPIs you need to understand and communicate your IT performance and make better IT and business decisions in minutes. The animated instructional video highlights the key features of the software and how it can help with IT Support.

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Simba Instructional Video

Simba mobile wallet lets you send and receive money and pay bills by integrating Simba with your bank account. Their wallet also offers banking services such as viewing and transferring money to accounts, requesting a cheque book, view your transactions. The animated instructional video demonstrated how Simba is one stop solution for all your mobile payment needs.

Bank of America Instructional Video

The Mobile banking app allows you quick online access to Bank of America accounts. Your Mobile Banking activities are protected by industry-leading security features. This includes their Online and Mobile Banking Security Guarantee, footnotes which helps protect the customers against fraudulent Online and Mobile Banking transactions. The animated instructional video denotes how Bank of America’s mobile banking apps for Android and iPhone gives you the flexibility to bank anytime, anywhere at the flexibility of your comfort.

AIB Online Banking Instructional Video

AIB online Banking allows you to bank when and where it suits you, and their security precautions mean your money is kept safe. It’s flexible banking 365 days a year. AIB online Banking is available to Personal and Instructional Customers who have an AIB bank account, savings account or credit card. You can Check your account transactions & balances, view your eStatements and eFee Advices and Pay bills while managing your standing orders. The online animated instructional video displays how AIB allows you to bank securely at a time and place that suits you.

The Sticker App Animated Instructional Video

Ths Sticker App is a free-form collaboration app, touted to be the first of its kind. It lets one create, express and share in a visual way. As a first step, the app allows users to create custom stickers by combining pre-loaded images and text. The users can express their ideas through custom stickers. Once saved, they are added to virtual sticker boards, where they can be shared. The animated instructional video demonstrates goes through this process animatedly, and explicitly.

Olark Instructional Video

Olark is a live chat website that allows businesses to hike up their sales and returns by creating greater customer relation and advanced customer assistance through live chatting. It leaves the sales people with an intensive customer database. The animated instructional video illustrates how the website functions for improved sales.

FileExpert Animated Instructional Video

Managing the zillion apps on your phone can be a cumbersome deed. FileExpert file manager software for android provides you with perfect solution to manage the hassle. It allows you to organise apps into heads and subheads for an easier access and control. The animated instructional video shows how it could help you organise your phone in few easy steps.

Student Hut Instructional Video

Uni life is one the most crucial time period, but most of the students don’t enjoy their course because of lack of prior knowledge about it. Student hut comes as the ultimate guide. It contains student reviews of students about the modules reach, course, resources and interesting elements. Moreover, it also aids students in getting internships and jobs and food and fashion vouchers. The animated instructional video highlights how it can be used for making more informed choices.

Pinterest Instructional Video

Pinterest is an application for the creative spirit in everyone. You can search, design and pin anything to your board. It allows you to post pictures, share recipes, connect with same interest people and explore amazing DIY projects. The animated instructional video explains how pinterest can help you pursue and materialise your passions in an engaging way.

Remove my junk Instructional Video

Remove my junk is a US based furniture mover company. It provides cost effective and professional furniture moving as well as cleaning and repairing services, making it extremely convenient for you to move in and out of any property. The animated instructional video shows how one can browse through its website for detailed information about the services and pricing.

Gradeleap Animated Instructional Video

Organisation is important whether be it an organisation or education. Gradeleap has transformed the way kids and parents work around the tests and homework. It aids you keep a track record of all the subjects and their individual tests, quizzes and projects. The animated instructional video on gradeleap explains how kids can be more organised for better results.

Following types of instructional videos can be created :

  • Instructional Whiteboard Video
  • Instructional Animated Video
  • Instructional Explainer Video


  • Build a strong creative brief
  • Find a reference video or combine multiple video elements from different sources
  • Work with a company that can understand your video production requirement easily
  • Bonus tip – Keep time on your side, to achieve perfection. Do not rush

    • With the above Instructional video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

      We at Advids create custom Instructional video based on your brief. Our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having create 300 plus Instructional videos, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what you plan to create with your next Instructional video.

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