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Motion Graphics Explainer Videos That Are AwesomeAnimated Explainer Video is the art of using Motion Graphics / Animation to depict or communicate a message. Companies from B2B and B2C segment both are using animated explainer videos to create awareness, drive engagement and influence buyer decision. Animated Explainers may not be cartoony, it’s not kid stuff. We all have viewed these videos as an audience somewhere or the other, but if you are planning on creating an Explainer Video now this article serves as a good base to highlight examples and suggestions.

Creating a video using animation is a great start. Within this there are a lot of varied outputs that your final video can have. Tips for creating these video are available as Bonus at the end of the article.

The aim of this article is to show you examples of Animated Explainer Videos those are awesome, with few highlights of what makes them great. Tips for creating these video are available as Bonus at the end of the article. Enjoy the video examples :

TraQtion Video Explainer
Category: Compliance & Quality Animated Explainer Example

With TraQtion, you can track quality and compliance from the macro to minutiae, anticipate problems and take corrective measures, wherever you are. Working in the cloud, you and your suppliers can access the system anytime, anywhere, so you are always in the loop. TraQtion created this animated explainer video to convey how seamless Quality and Compliance can be. A neatly done video overall.

Christie’s Animated Explainer Video
Category: Arts & Lifestyle Animated Explainer Example

In two and a half centuries, Christie’s has become the world’s leading art business. Selling items such as fine art, antiques, wine and real estate. Christie’s wanted to convey they can help art sellers by working together to ensure a smooth sale of their work. The animated video explainer showcases the ease and simplicity of how Christie’s manages entire engagement.

Uber Explainer Video
Category: Travel App Animated Explainer Example

Uber is defining how we move, work and thrive today. With car rides available either day or night in minutes the convenience is unmatched. A new feature called Rider Late introduced by Uber was launched with this video. The animated explainer video is short and right on spot.

Ahrefs Video Explainer
Category: SEO, Marketing Tool Animated Explainer Example

Ahrefs is a toolset for SEO and marketing. A complete toolset for backlink research, organic traffic research, keyword research, content marketing & more. Ranking websites or webpages is a need today, with Ahrefs it’s easy to understand what needs to be done. The motion graphic explainer video acts as a quick intro to the tools available and the features.

Simple Life Video Explainer
Category: HR Management Animated Explainer Example

Simple Life puts human back in Human Resources by simplifying HR administration and benefits complexity. The platform is carrier agnostic and can work beside any third party vendors in the industry at no cost to you. Stay on top of your benefits with the ability to set up a company within a day. The video is a narrative driven animated explainer which connects very well with the target audience taking out all complexity and leaves a great mark.

Comcast Explainer Video
Category: Telecommunications Animated Explainer Example

Comcast Business offers scalable Voice, Internet, and Data services for businesses of all sizes. How businesses are using Internet and Data has evolved, but the network hasn’t. Comcast Business wanted to highlight the transforming landscape and the idea behind using faster network. The animated explainer video delivers this message excellently.

IKEA Animated Explainer Video
Category: Home Furnishing & Accessories Example

IKEA launched its mobile sales tool to help its staff meet customer expectations and help make finding the perfect home decor super easy. The mobile tool helps IKEA team on the floor locate, find best match or create a solution on the go. The animated explainer video uses great dynamic motion graphics with excellent sound & music design.

Google OnHub Video Explainer
Category: Wireless System, Wi-FI Animated Explainer Example

We ask Wi-Fi to handle a lot. Meet OnHub, the router from Google that’s built for fast Wi-Fi on all your devices. The new Google Wifi system provides a different way to improve your wireless network. It replaces your existing router and it’s a system of points that you place around the home to put an end to dead zones while delivering fast connectivity to every room and every device. The Animated Explainer Video uses flat design and simplified visuals. OnHub overview video sends a clear messaging out, helping a user connect with the core idea.

Zendesk Video Explainer
Category: CRM Animated Explainer Example

Zendesk builds software for better customer relationships. It empowers organizations to improve customer engagement and better understand their customers. The animated explainer video showcases how Zendesk maintains its brand consistency, increases the efficiency of support interactions, and keeps friction to a minimum for customers.

Efficiency Nova Scotia Video Explainer
Category: Energy & Environmental Animated Explainer Example

Efficiency Nova Scotia is Canada’s first energy efficiency utility. Working with more than 100 local partners, they have helped 225,000 program participants complete energy efficiency projects, saving. They wanted to spread out the word and start new conversation of how the Non-Profit body can help businesses. The animated explainer video serves as a great intro to the idea and how they might help you achieve better business results.

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Western Union Animated Explainer Video
Category : Mobile Payment Animated Explainer Example

Western Union mobile payment solutions provides you with highly configurable channels in the industry, helping you take control of your customers experience and make online payments easier, safer and faster for them. Their mobile payment solution enables customers to pay from any location and from a device. The mobile payment solution video highlights how you can partner with Western Union Bill Payments to build and execute your mobile payment strategy.

Onlife Health Video Explainer
Category: Health & Wellness Animated Explainer Example

With a track record of proven results, Onlife Health can help your members stay healthy with our wellness solutions. Onlife Health is a comprehensive wellness solutions company. Providing you insights as well as proven success to engage your members, create a culture of health and a seamless wellness solution. The animated explainer video is compact and covers many areas of corporate wellness program in 60 seconds.

IBM Cloud Security Video Explainer
Category: Cloud Data Security Animated Explainer Example

Cloud security from IBM enables your business to innovate, improve defenses and improve risk. Enterprise cloud adoption requires a structured approach to security. Cloud data security is a top priority, whether your cloud is on-premises, off-premises or a hybrid. The animated explainer video demonstrates how cloud security can be managed at a whole new level.

E COM Video
Category: Information Security Animated Explainer Example

E Com Security Solutions provide Compliance, Application & Infrastructure security assessment & penetration testing solutions through the cloud, managed security services and software that enable actionable intelligence to prevent, detect, predict cyber-attacks and context needed to manage security risks. The animated explainer video highlights how application security is vulnerable and E Com Security Solutions can help.

VMWARE Explainer Video
Category: MP Animated Explainer Example

VMware’s vRealize cloud management platform (CMP) delivers the management capabilities that allow you to effectively manage the complete lifecycle of services delivered in a hybrid IT environment. The animated explainer video shows how VMware can help you reduce complexity and gain visibility across your entire IT services lifecycle.

Scripted Explainer Video
Category: Content Curation Animated Explainer Example

Scripted is the leading provider of high quality, original written content. Scripted provides quality written content for thousands of customers through its curated user-base of expert writers. The animated video depicts that where there is need for content writing, Scripted can easily provide you with the best content.

Microsoft Intune Video Explainer
Category: Enterprise Mobility Animated Explainer Example

Microsoft Intune provides mobile device management, mobile application management and PC management capabilities from the cloud. Using Intune, organizations can provide their employees with access to corporate applications, data and resources from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while helping to keep corporate information secure. The 2D animated video explainer shows how Microsoft Intune is a reliable mobile device management platform.

Teamleader Video Explainer
Category: CRM Animated Explainer Example

Teamleader is an integrated online tool that makes 3500+ European SMEs work smarter with their CRM and Project Management solutions. The CRM software is user-friendly, affordable, time-saving and tailored to profit your business. CRM’s should be easy to work with and that message is clearly conveyed with this TeamLeader CRM Video.

XERO HQ Explainer Video
Category: Accounting & Bookkeeping Animated Explainer Example

XERO equips you with the tools you need to better manage your clients and unlock the insights you need to provide more advisory level services. Giving you the tools to streamline your practice, prioritise client work and gain insights into your client data. The explainer video uses great animation to highlight a whole new level of personalized accounting solution you can offer with the new XERO HQ platform.

nuSIEM Video Explainer
Category: SIEM Animated Explainer Example

nuSIEM is a managed cloud based SIEM service that provides complete visibility of all aspects of your UTM/firewall. nuSIEM – backed by its distributed, parallel processing cloud – combines high speed, real-time analysis of logs with intelligent alerting and Dynamic Drill Down Reporting™. The ability to scale the nuSIEM is virtually unlimited and can be quickly achieved through scale-out architecture. The animated video explains how their threat intelligence system can help your enterprise respond to malware or unknown attacks.

Advids can help you in the 2D & 3D animated explainer video of the following :

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With the above animated explainer video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. If you are in the similar domain these videos are good start to build a brief of what can be the tone and style for your videos. We advise you to be different and unique while you create your messaging through the videos.

We at Advids create custom animated explainer video based on your brief. Our design team works right from concept development, to art design and animation. Having create 1800 plus animated video explainers, our Creative team can help you come up with the right fit. Do talk to us or send us a note on what you plan to create with your next animated explainer video production.

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