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As humans, we love everything automatic; cars, washing machines, watches, the list goes on. So why not Marketing? The year 1992 saw the creation of first Marketing Automation Software, and now in 2017 Marketing Automation is a growing trend for all online business, big and small. The idea clearly seems to be working, since over 142,000 businesses already using the power of marketing automation software.

This article covers how the creators of these various tools, software and apps drive awareness, connect with a need and engage prospects with videos. Marketing automation software comes in many sizes, with a few vendors offering complete all-in one solutions while others provide more focused solutions. The hardest obstacle faced by Marketing Automation Software providers is how to convince new potential buyers about the results, as opposed to adapting to their platform. We see how a few companies in this domain stand out by using videos to their advantage.

Customer.io Marketing Automation Software Video

Automate customer lifecycle emails and campaigns with Customer.io. It triggers more engagement with relevant messages based on what customers are doing in your product. It helps harness real-time customer behavior data to create automated campaigns that work for you. The marketing automation software video explores how Customer.io integrates seamlessly with your website or mobile app.


Simplycast Sonar Platform Video

A ships sonar helps sailors make sense of the vastness and chaos of the ocean around them. Appropriately named Simplycast Sonar, a 360 Marketing Automation platform helps automate marketing campaigns across all channels. Understanding, organizing and communicating all the user generated data to deliver custom content at the right time. The marketing automation video captures how an online retailer maximizes conversions through Simplycast.


ZiMovi Marketing Platform Video

‘If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.’ Sun Tzu. In a few simple words, one who has insights on the given matter can make better decisions. ZiMovi Video Marketing platform helps marketers consolidate, host and keeps track of all the videos published using a single dashboard. Now one can know ‘where, when, how’ every viewing is taking place in entire planet. The 3D marketing automation video shows how ZiMovi helps marketers with video marketing automation.


SharpSpring Platform Video

Remember old days, when the postmen went to each address, delivered letters, and more importantly chatted to each addressee, knew them by name and practically gathered information from everyone? Today SharpSpring does the same for your company. It takes all the information it gathers, connects the dots, recognises each client, personalizes content for each client, optimizes your marketing process and gels perfectly with the system you want to keep like a CRM, CMS, form builder etc. The marketing automation video will show how this automated postman does the job for you by optimizing your marketing campaigns.


Easy VideoSuite Software Video

Every marketer knows what a hassle it is to turn a name into a brand, the hassle it takes to use videos to do the same notwithstanding. Recording, editing, optimizing, ad placement and doing the same for various formats like mobile, tablet and desktop, it takes forever to get the job done. Easy VideoSuite is a one stop shop for these marketers. Now record, edit, publish and more importantly track the video and see it’s progress from the moment it is published, all in a few minutes time using one single software. Watch the 2D animated marketing video to see why this marketing automation software is every marketer’s dream.


SAS Marketing Analytics Video

‘Learn from the past, prepare for the future, live in the present.’ If anything, this quote encapsulates the essence of this Marketing Analytics Software. It learns from the performance of previous data gathered, helps take appropriate decisions today and predicts the impact of those decisions in the future. With Marketing Analytics, making insightful data driven marketing decisions is easy even at an enterprise level. SAS provides expertise in these strategic focus areas to modernize your entire analytics environment. The video introduces the idea of using analytics to drive more results out of marketing automation.


BNS AiO Marketing Platform Video

One of the scenes from Chaplin’s “Modern Times” is where he just got off his work and his hands are still twitching in the same repetitive manner because of his work. Keeping this in mind, yes it is important to connect with customers, engage them and attract them to your business, but sending each client a personalised content is a twitchy business. BNS AiO acquired by Aureon has built-in automation flows, created & hand-crafted resources, and have a dedicated strategy team to help revolutionizing your business. The marketing automation platform video shows the seamless capabilities to connect lead capture to conversion.


Boingnet Agency Platform Video

Tending to marketing needs is a lot like tending to a garden. Putting in new seeds, watering them, nurturing them and when done right you get your fruit. Similarly, Boingnet helps agencies provide new leads by sending personalised content to each customer, nurtures them by letting triggered drip campaigns educate & sell for them and with data generated through these campaigns, helps you engage the new customer with custom design suggestion for each client generating loyalty. The video targets agencies who do not want to invest in IT and still have a full suite of marketing automation tools.


Blue Group Inc. Marketing Solution Video

‘Every limit is a beginning as well as an end.’ Like this quote, Blue Group Incorporated, a consolidation of two of the world’s best marketing expert companies Blue Sheep and Blue Venn, came up with a marketing automation solution naming CloseLoop Marketing. Where data generated by clients and prospective clients via various means is stored and studied, results from these help target right customers, a personalised notification or email is sent to each customer and data generated from these notifications and emails is then read by the system completing the loop. This 2D animation video describes the entire process of close-loop marketing automation to engage and educate people on the subject.


Salesfusion Marketing Platform Video

A marketing automation tool that not only helps with various marketing methods and campaign tracking but also helps sales to generate and manage new leads. Salesfusion is more than marketing automation, it is the only lead to revenue platform you will ever need. It comes with built-in features that facilitates lead capture to revenue generation. The video is here to show the core marketing automation ideas behind Salesfusion.


Making of a Video : View the Process of Making Google Allo's Video

Wordsmith Marketing Software Video

‘No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.’ In recent times, content management and marketing has grown into a major branch in marketing. But with all copyrights and plagiarisms, it is difficult to find an original content these days. Wordsmith is an Automated Insight software which easily generate thousands of unique and personalized stories, reports, and articles in a very short amount of time. It helps various data driven industries achieve efficient, scalable and personalized writing in the process. The upcoming video gives a glance on what this content marketing automation software is and how it helps various industries.


MXtr Marketing Automation Video

Whenever I see a red button I picture DeeDee(Dexter’s Laboratory) pushing one of Dexter’s red buttons and destroying his day’s work. There is something about buttons that, us as humans have certain attraction to. By keeping this in mind, MXtr’s “push button” marketing automation solution that helps to ensure brand consistency, lead nurturing, and easy to use at all levels of organization. Made especially for OEM’s / Dealers, Franchisor’s / Franchisees and multi-location organizations. The 2D animation video will explain in brief on how mXTr marketing automation can help large and small companies.


Innovid’s Video Marketing Platform Video

‘When in rome do as the romans do.’ Though this statement has been interpreted in many ways from the first time they were spoken, one of the interpretations can be stated as ‘being up to date with technology’. This statement can never be more truer for marketing than now, when technology changes almost everyday. But with every new innovation there is an opportunity. Using Innovid’s Videos Marketing platform, one can synchronize and personalize the content for each customer in their own media(mobile, tablet, desktop or T.V.) by analyzing data captured using multi-channel messaging. The video will show you how Innovid’s video marketing automation platform can customize each video for any individual customer.


Buto Online Video Platform

This happens to us almost everytime, we are watching Mission Impossible 2 and see Tom Cruise throw his shades down the cliff saying “If I let you know where I am going, I won’t be on a holiday”, and we think “I should buy those type of shades” and we never do. With Buto Online Video Platform, you can. Buto allows various objects in a screening video clickable, and will take you to the online store which has the same or similar products. Which means, next time you are screening MI-II online, you can just click those shades and buy them before the opening credit sequence ends. The marketing automation video will explain the various features of the Buto’s online video marketing platform including clickable video.


Infusionsoft Software Video

‘A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man looks for that smart man.’ Just because one owns a small business doesn’t mean they personally needs to take care of all the aspects of that business. By using Infusionsoft marketing automation software, small business can automate sales and marketing, while combining CRM, email marketing and lead capture. The infographic video showcases simple workflows that can be built or customized according to specific small business needs.


Bluewater Fusion Marketing Platform

One cannot go to the elderly and the market for a home loan, or go to a man and market for stilettos. The customer is always right, but if the right ads don’t reach the right people, the results will be cataclysmic. Fusion by Bluewater uses data to find your best customers. It combines variably congregated data, to create personalized, 1:1 campaigns that reach the right person. It is scalable and modular helping franchise generate measurable results across franchises. The marketing automation video highlights the powerful yet ease of use of Fusion.


VMC Technology Marketing Platform Video

We all went through the madness that was “Gangnam Style”, one of the top viral videos in the market and there was hardly anyone who had not heard it. It raises a question if any of us will ever be able to use video marketing that effectively. And the answer is yes, VMC Technology allows exactly that. By creating unique messages and using hundreds of predefined templates, VMC makes you stand out in crowd. Which in turn helps you get more return and loyal customers. The upcoming video will show you how VMC can help you with various marketing automation tools, including video marketing.


Appboy Marketing App Video

‘The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.’ That being said, today one of the fastest ways to communicate between two devices is by connecting what each of them is using. Applications(Apps) are a common occurences these days and for marketers there is no better way to get insights then by using one thing that everyone has. Appboy is marketing automation tool for mobile marketers. By adjoining a small SDK to these apps, marketers can use the insight gathered by multi-channel messaging to send automated personalized content for each individual customer based on their like and preferences. The 2D animation video will show how marketing automation has progressed for mobile marketers.


FordDirect Platform Video

FordDirect is a custom design platform created exclusively for Ford & Lincoln Dealers. It uses various aggregated data, an actionable real-time reporting dashboard and dedicated dealer support to deliver multi-channel marketing communications. The video will explain the features and reasons behind the creation of FordDirect marketing automation.


Launchpad Marketing Platform Video

We have all played videos games at some point in our life, where if we fail we can restart the stage and with every life, we get a bit ahead because we know what is coming. Now think how it would be if we had only one chance to get through and if we fail we are done for. Therefore, for the game of marketing, where insight of what is coming is crucial, there is Launchpad. Gauging the size of your online audience provides valuable insight and allows you to better understand the results of your multichannel marketing campaign. The video highlights the ease with which a marketer can manage campaigns using Launchpad marketing automation platform centralized and generate integrated reports.


With the above video examples it’s evident that companies are fast integrating videos in their marketing campaigns and various other touchpoints. With innovating technologies and virtual connectivity personalization of any given resource will not be surprising in any manner. Therefore, whatever domain you are in and whatever your business be. Get yourself a personalized and custom designed video that can attract the world’s eye.

We at Advids understand Marketing Automation is continuously evolving and an ever-growing segment, with a lot of changes and transitions happening now and many more following in future. Let’s use the serenity and engagement that videos consist of to get the word out.

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